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How many cupcakes?

I am doing cupcakes in leiu of cake, and I'm doing them myself.  How many cupcakes should I have for 150 people?  We're not having a groom's cake (FI hates cake), but instead probably pecan pie or banana pudding.  

Re: How many cupcakes?

  • janedoe1113ajanedoe1113a member
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    Are they normally sized cupcakes or large ones?

    For regular sized cupcakes, I would probably get 200 in case some people want seconds.  For large ones, I would get 150.
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    They will be normal sized.  Thanks! 
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    I would do 200 as well  
    we had a part for around 50 and I made 100 three flaviors
    I thought we would have alot left over but there where maybe 10 left.
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  • LasairionaLasairiona member
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    It's better to have too much than not enough. However you will need enough pie to go around for everyone since not everybody likes cake. That said, 1 piece of pie per person and 1 cupcake per person is what you need.
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    Are you doing more than one flavor? If so, I would add even more. Some people like to have one of each flavor.
  • Rita092010Rita092010 member
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    We have approximately 50 guests and are ordering 100 regular sized cupcakes.  Hope that helps.
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    My baker told me the same general rule for cupcakes as cake= 1.5 per person. so for 150 ppl you would want to do somewhere close to 200-225, maybe on the low end since you will have pie and extra stuff
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