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costco pies (xp)

my fiance really wants pie at our wedding. we were thinking about getting pie from costco (cause it tastes good and is less expensive than getting it elsewhere). has anyone ordered pie from costco? did everything go smoothly?


Re: costco pies (xp)

  • sparent2010sparent2010 member
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    I have not ordered pies from them, but most things I have ordered from costco are great no problems tasty etc. Just talk with one of their bakers to get a better idea. 
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  • katzluv88katzluv88 member
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    my FI works at costco in the Bakery department i love when he comes home with Pies they are so big and cost nothing. He has told me that people go and place orders 3 days in advance and they just have him working overtime lol. 

    I would highly suggest Costco they are really great and everyone loves thier foods. Just call your local costco and see what info they need from you and how far in advance they need it. i know with the cakes they just need 24hrs.    
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  • NurseCassie88NurseCassie88 member
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    costco has incredible pies!! especially their apple pie, not only is it BEAUTIFUL but it tastes amazing and is extremely affordable. This is a really good idea! I know your guest will definitely enjoy!! 
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    CostCo pies are great! Especially apple.
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    Hi! I work at costco, and in our costco magazine a couple bought apple pies once and just told them ahead of time to have a certain amount ready on a certain day and it was neat. Someone did the same with the chocolate cakes as well. I love the big 7layer I think chocolate cake. ;) Hope this helps. Or you could have each family member make a pie, if they are great bakers....that would be cute
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