Help! I need advice

So my fianc works for Starbucks. We decided on getting married in Leavenworth wa in the winter. Most likely November 2013.

I was thinking of doing 5 dollar Starbucks gift cards as thank you gifts/favors at my wedding.

We are putting our guest list together and were at 217 as of right now. We will be going over it And dwindling it down to under 200 people.

I know 200 5 dollar gift cards is a lot to think about, but I also have to separate kids out of the families I invited and we will be doing smore packets for the kids little Hershey bar, marshmallow pack, and graham crackers because the little ones won't know what to do with the gift cards.

Is the Starbucks gift card idea too expensive to think about?
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Re: Help! I need advice

  • I think it's a great Idea!! 
    I would be happy to be your guest! 
  • Thanks! I'm trying to make the favors appropriate enough. :
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    If it fits your budget, then it's not too expensive, but I'm not sure I like the idea of a gift card as a favor.  It just seems a little impersonal to me.  If Starbucks has branded candies or something like that, I think that would make a good favor and still fit your theme.  And I bet your FI could get a discount, too.
  • It seems impersonal to me too, and $5 per favor is really on the high side.  We did cupcakes, and they were like $1.35 per favor (including delivery).   I agree about candies or Via packets or something similar.  Or those marshmallow swizzle sticks:-)  Especially if you can get a deal on those.
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    I think it's a nice idea because I enjoy Starbucks coffee, but agree that an actual edible item would be more appropriate. The favor expense compared to your overall wedding budget is def up to you and your FI.

    Are you offering a Starbucks card/item only because he works there or because it's really a major reflection of you both? Are you both coffee lovers? Partial to Starbucks over any other place? etc.

    If you still want to stick to the gift card, I'm sure you'll find a great way to present them in a very personal way :)
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  • If it is in your budget, I think it's a great favor. I love starbucks and they have many non coffee items as well for your guests that don't drink coffee. My only concern would be for guests that may live in smaller towns that don't have a starbucks location. I know it may seem crazy when there seems to be one on every corner, but there are some places that don't have them.
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  • My only concern would be guests "taking" other guests' favors. A giftcard is kind of like putting a $5 bill at each placesetting, I'm sure there would be someone who would take an extra or two for themselves.

    I'm personally just leery of the honor system nowadays. If you're not concerned about this, then go for it if you can afford it!
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