Trying to think of a unique favor.


Re: Trying to think of a unique favor.

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    I love the idea of using paper that has flower seeds in it as name & table cards.
    Then they can be 'crumpled' into a flower pot or small yard area and grow through the summer. I would consider this a 'favor.' This for a 'classic' spring wedding, and I have to get my flowerchild side in somewhere.
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    I'm doing the photobooth as well! I have been to many weddings and I usually don't remember to take the favors home and if I do I find the now stale candy a year later. My mom and I found the photobooth at a bridal show and we had so much fun playing with it! It will double as something for guests to do and a fun memory of the night!
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    I wanted to do something completely different and unexpected since my Utah background had weddings filled with jordan almonds, bad punch, and butter mints (gag). 

    SO...We're having a wedding in an Irish bar and serving up plenty of Guinness and Harp for the reception.  Because a lot of our friends are known partiers I thought of a great little goody bag: Wedding Hangover Kit.  I bought water bottle labels for 8oz bottles, labeled the bottles, packaged them in white paper bags with a granola bar, fruit snacks, Ghirardelli chocolate squares in the wedding color (green), and a single serving pain killer for the headache the next morning.  They're all sealed with a wax seal and set by the door for people to stumble out to their cab with, including a coupon for the cab ride offered by the company.  It's different, helpful, and provides a safe way home for your guests! 

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    mamadiamond27 ]   I am not sure if i am too late with my reply: DEFINITELY GO WITH THE PHOTOBOOTH PICS! It's fun, interactive and gives the guests the CHOICE of being silly.

    I too have been stumped with what to give as my wedding favor. I so dislike all the silly stuff that is given now, especially personalized stuff that will just be taken home, thrown in the back of a cabinet and forgotten...there goes my money down the drain. I finally decided to purchase mini BAMBOO TREES wholesale because it would definitely not be thrown out, it would go on a table/window somewhere, where it would "flourish as our new life together is expected to...". But from reading these posts i have changed my mind...i am going to donate money to either St. Jude's Children's Hospital or to the Breast Cancer cause...that is a noble, useful and better way to spend money to me. Thank you very much AshLW for the idea.
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    We're doing individual mini wine bottles at the place settings for dinner and chex mix baggies out during cocktail hour

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    Let's hear it for elegant Vegas weddings!
    I'm also having an elegant Vegas wedding, so I know what you mean.  I have to explain that no, Elvis will not be there. lol
    I like the photobooth, but my fiance and I got personalized shot glasses.
    We think it's cute and Vegas-y, but not tacky.
    You can pick a shot glass style that can also be used as a votive.
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    KitKait and O'Henry - that's the cutest thing ever:P

    I don't have a cool chocolate name, but we're both just finishing up teacher's college, so we're going to donate money to an organization that furnishes school rooms or provides materials to children (haven't decided yet) At each place will be one of those thick "primary" pencils with an explanation attached.

    We will be putting logic puzzles and problems on the tables as one of the "get the bride and groom to kiss" games and for fun, so the pencils will do double duty during the reception!

    If we weren't doing that, we'd do something edible for sure. I was thinking of homemade truffles (I made them for FI for valentine's day last year - they were amazing, if I do say so myself). 
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    I'm in favor of the food favors - I feel most others things get thrown away.

    That being said, and if a photobooth is out of your budget, what about flower seeds/packets? Someone here (sorry I forgot who) mentioned: http://weddingpackets.com/

    Another cute one I saw (for a very VERY late night reception) was the newspaper for the next day with the couple as "front page news" and a package of bagels.

    I'm always in favor of a charitable donation.
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    I am an avid silk painter, and our wedding will be at the end of June.  As we plan to have an outdoor tented wedding in Upstate NY, it can be quite warm by that time.    I bought plain white silk fans for very little, and brush applied dyes to  them in our wedding colors. (hot pink, sage green, and lavender.)  Summery colors, with sort of a "watercolor" look to them.    They were then put in a nylon bag, with a tag that had our names and the date stamped on them.  I think they could be useful and they are pretty. 
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    We are really making our favors personal to us, and hopefully enjoyable for our guests.  My fiance made a couple batches of homemade beer (his hobby) and I made a bunch of homemade apple butter and various fruit jams that I made with fruit we picked at our favorite local farm.  Guests will get to pick one of each (we are offering bottles of locally-made rootbeer for kids and those who don't drink beer).  We're only having about 80 people, though.  This probably wouldn't be very practical for a larger wedding.  But, I am so excited the that favors represent US!  As an additional edible favor everone will like, we packaged little bags of M&Ms in our weddig colors that will be at each seat with a card letting guests know to pick up their other favors that will be places on a separate table near the door.
  • Hi ladies:
    Hope you are all doing pretty well. I need help with this dilemma: my fiance & I aren't doing a "gifts" registry because we don't need anything/our home is well stocked. However, we would like a "honeymoon fund" registry. Is that ok to do, or is it asking too much? And does anyone know how i would go about doing that, or should i just hope all our guests shows up with envelopes???
    Please & Thank You.
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