Champagne bridal gown, but what color to go with it??

Please help!! I just picked out a champagne wedding dress, a color I was not expecting! I am at a complete loss as to wedding colors.  Any suggestions as to what color flowers would be best for me to carry, as well as what color maids dress I should pick? Comments and photos would be much appreciated! My wedding is May 2013.

Re: Champagne bridal gown, but what color to go with it??

  • With a champagne dress, you could go for a subtle pastel theme with salmon pinks, taupe-greige, pale peach, sage green and dusty lavender.   Pick dresses in one of those colors that would look good on your bridesmaids. 

    Another option is to go for a gilded look with platinums and golds for dresses and decor. 
  • Champagne is a quite common color in wedding dresses, which typically come in all shades of white, from bright white to beige.  

    Any color of flower will be fine.  All white, or various shades of white and off white against the champagne will have a elegant, classic look. If you like softer shades, maybe a combination of ivory, blush, peach, and a touch of lavender would have a soft, romantic look.

    If you like more vibrant colors, orange, hot pink, and bright yellow would have a tropical feel.  If  you have a favorite color, or color combination, that will be fine also.  

    So pick whatever colors you like.  You can always do a "mock up" of the colors and hold it up next to your dress to see how you like it.

  • Thank you for the very detailed comments!! They help tremendously!
  • I too love the pastels, but with a spring wedding, I would go with a rich pink, or an eggplant as your accent flower and have a more muted filler, and lots of greens.  If your dress is a pastel, a bright pop would be really beautiful. 
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    My dress was ivory with champagne trim/sash/details. I used hot pink bouquets (BM dresses were black with champagne trim, opposite for MOH) and the color really popped out in all the pictures I have seen so far.
  • I also just chose a champane colored dress, so not what I thought I would want but it is beautiful!   I was thinking of maybe going with apricot for the BM and grey for GM but had no idea what my FH shoul wear... 
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    I have a champagne coloured dress as well. Our wedding colours are black/white/champagne. Bridesmaids are in black and the flowers will be in soft shades (white/ivory/champagne/pale peaches). I originally wanted eggplant as my accent colour, but was having trouble finding flowers I loved.
  • I had a champagne dress and had an assortment of colors (yellow, red, purple/silver, green, white, ivory and I may be missing a color or two). It was a fall wedding so we used bright fall colors in the flowers wrapped in ribbon that matched my dress. It looked wonderful.
  • Do you have a picture you can share? That sounds gorgeous.
  • Erikan73, my dress is champagne also, but someone just told me my fall wedding colors will clash with my dress. Do you think it's possible for a dark red bridesmaid dress to clash with a champagne wedding dress?
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