What is the average cost of wedding flowers?


Re: What is the average cost of wedding flowers?

  • My wedding is in April 2014 in the morning time, for 5 bridesmaid bouquets, my bouquet, 4 groomsmen boutonnieres and my fiance's, plus three wrist bands for the moms / grandmother and the center pieces in the reception, ours came out to be about $700. You don't have to spend and arm and a leg, it can be done! Plus helps that we are early in the morning haha 
  • I live in (& am getting married in) Northern Indiana next August (2014). I've also been curious about the flower budget. There are just so many options to choose from. Types of flowers, sizes of bouquets & arrangements etc etc. I did some googling and read several message boards to try and gauge a good budget. This is what I came up with.

    Bride: $150


    BM: $45-$50

    Groom Bout: $15

    Groomsmen/Ushers/Fathers/Grandfathers: $12

    Mom(s)/Grandmother(s) Corsages: $20-$25

    I took my prices along with pictures to my first floral consult last week. After showing a picture and discussing options related to it, I asked her to ballpark the arrangement (in the picture) with any modifications we discussed. She was MORE than happy to do that and her ballparks were very very close to my budget. Some were under. My Bout budget was $12/person but she quoted $7.50/person. My Corsage budget was $20-$25 each but she quoted $15-$18 each.

    I'm also very open on the flower choices. I'm not partial to the lilies or roses even, I just don't want a wedding full of nothing but carnations. I think the common flower I liked was a lisianthus(sp).

  • Wow. That does sound pricey to me too but again, with area and the type of flowers you are asking could be the main reason they are high. Also, make sure they are in season and not rare, those will also raise the price dramatically. In my area the one company I had heard about for years as the best "do it yourself for less" was actually way more than some of the other companies! Getting all my flowers assembled & delivered for less than $1,000. Check around and if nothing else, you could always ask if there are similar type flowers that are less pricey to swap out for the expensive ones.
  • Hi Ladies,


    Bride from up north here, Winnipeg, Canada :)


    I have 2 quotes put together at the moment.



    1 Bridal Boquet

    1 Toss away ($0)

    3 bridesmaid boquets

    11 Bouts

    6 Wrist Corsages

    8 chair arrangements for the ceremony (To hang off every second row end chair)

    20 Medium centrepieces for reception

    1 Guestbook table Large arrangement

    ........................... approx. $1500-$1700

  • I'm planning to DIY too!! 300-400 sounds doable. May I ask where did u get your wholesale flowers from?

  • I think it depends on where you live, I am in CA the bay area, and I got a quote for minimal flowers (10 person bride/groom party, 1 head table and 6 guest tables) and it was at 2200. 
  • That seems way too high! I have been shopping around for florists all over and finally found one that fit our budget. We are getting bride's bouquet, 7 bm's bouquets, 1 groom bout, 11 bouts for groomsmen and dads, 3 wrists corsages, rose petals for aisle, 2 large arrangements for the ceremony, medium arrangements for guestbook, placecard and gift table, reusing the outside arrangements for inside fireplace and a toss away bouquet, small arrangements for head table for $1,400.
  • I am getting married in Milford Massachusetts and I was surprised at how cheap my florist was. She works out of her home which I thought was unusual until I met her and saw her previous work. Here is my break down: 1 Bridal Bouquet (green hydrangea, purple roses, white calla lilys & large) - $70 6 Bridesmaids (same flowers but in white) - $30 each = $180 1 Jr Bridesmaid (same flowers in white but smaller) - $22 1 Mother of the Bride Corsage - $15 1 grooms Bout - $5 7 Groomsmen Bouts - $5 ea = $35 2 Fathers Bouts - $5 ea = $10 1 Toss Bouquet - $22 2 Alter flowers - $65 ea = $130 With delivery & Taxes it was just under $600 total. Hope this helps. I also have her info if anyone wants it from Ma. She's in Leicester Ma
  • Hello Ladies, of course we are alwasy looking for bargains, I was lost with the prices that were being charged by florist until I was suggested by my wedding planner to check out Jewel osco, yes you heard me ladies and the prices are very affordable, beautiful and not costly!
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  • Where did you buy wholesale?
  • Mine will cost about $70 or so.

    At Safeway I'm getting black cala lilies and white oriental lilies for my bouquet and I'm getting 5 or 6 potted black cala lillies for decor.
  • I think it really depends on what your budget is, how many guest and if flowers are important to you.  My wedding is in a small town with a big guest list (I have a big family no way to get around that) and flowers are very important to me I got a quote back the other day and estimated it to be about $4500 with everything I'm doing different types of centerpieces to help with cost, and will not have much else in decorations except for some candles and draping.  8000.00 would freak me out too but I can easily see how that could happen my florist also suggested changing or cutting back on certain flowers (I love hydrangeas but didn't realize how expensive they were).  The way I looked at my 1st quote was ok this is my dream is it realistic and cut back from their don't freak out yet most florist are very willing to work with you on how to cut cost so set up another meeting with them the probably have some great ideas to give you what you want with out breaking the bank hope things work out for you!  
  • Check out

    I am buying a wedding packaged box of wholesale flowers for $300-$500 and should have enough for 3 bridesmaids, my bouquet, 8 boutonierres and 10 small table arrangements. I am a creative type and have arranged bouquets before. I know what I am getting into. Bouquets and arrangements can be stored in water for a few days and survive. Bouts should be made day of. 

    You'll also need to spend about $100 on floral tape, ribbon, extras (shears, knives, pins, foam, vases, buckets, flower food) and maybe $50 - $100 on a trial run.

    Good Luck Ladies!
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    are there any amnts from people in 2013?  just trying to get a better idea.
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    We just got our proposal back (we live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area) and for my bouquet, 3 bridesmaids, 10 boutonnieres, 6 corsages, and flower girl petals/petals for decoration it came out to $589.00 (with taxes) My wedding is in 2014 :-)

    After reading some of these quotes I think I'm gonna go hug my florist now!Wink
    Hi! Can I ask what florist you used? I'm also getting married in the DFW area in 2014! 

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    Cost is going to vary greatly depending on the area you are in - small town as opposed to a large city. Also cost will be different if you go with a well-known, in-demand type florist as opposed to a smaller local florist.

    For my New Orleans wedding in March 2013, I am getting a bouquet, a boutonniere for my groom, two small bouquets for each mother, one father's boutonniere, some cake flowers, and two arrangements for the front of the ceremony space. For those eight items the cost is $1,018. Also I chose my florist based on their artistic vision and ability to give me somethings unique (this can influence cost).

    Hope this helps.
  • Personally, I am all about saving money and having beautiful flowers while not staying awake till 4am the night before my wedding, sounds impossible, but I actually can do it! I am doing half of my flowers DIY. If you have a whole foods near you, they are your answer. While most costco or SAMs clubs have very limited flower types, whole foods can order many different flowers. About 8 weeks prior you can meet with them and pick the flowers and colors you would like. The best part, they also have true florists who work there and also make bouquets etc. so, my plan:
    Buy 75% of my flowers through whole foods.
    The florist will use some of those flowers to make our bouquets, corsages and boutonnières. For bouquets - any size - it is the cost of flowers (which I am ordering in bulk thru them) + $5. Umm - yes please! All of their pricing is very reasonable.
    Next - I use the flowers purchased through them that were not used and add some flowers from fifty flowers (for unique colors I need) and use those for centerpieces. The best part - my flowers will be cohesive - same colors and flowers except for a few additions for the centerpieces. All this while not having to mess with making anything other than sticking flowers in vases for the centerpieces. :-) ps. If you are making your own boutonnières, look up directions and practice multiple times prior to the week of the wedding. They can be difficult and take more time than expected - and make sure you can pin them on....if you use glue with twine for a rustic look instead of doing it the real way - there is no way to insert the pin. I speak from experience from a girl I helped with her wedding and she did them herself, brought them the day of and I realized what she had done and I couldn't pin them - way too much stress if you ask me. So all in all, I have $1000 budgeted for flowers. And I am only spending a maximum of $150 on labor/supplies for someone ELSE to do the hard part. Meaning: I get to have $850 worth of actual flowers at my wedding. YAY!!!! Flowers galore!!!!! Hope that helps someone - get creative but keep in mind how many DIY's you can do in the last 2 days while still maintaining your sanity. You can't DIY your flowers 2 weeks in advance.
  • This link has tons of great info for DIY flowers including videos on how to care for the flowers and lots more.
  • I am getting our flowers from Costco and we will be doing them ourselves for @$300.00
  • It depends on the area in which you live and what type of flower you use.  I live in Austin Texas and getting married April 2014.  I selected a florist that has an agreement with the venue.  They provide the vases for you to use at no extra charge and also provide a discount if you use the florist.
    My estimate was $550 for:
    1 bridal bouquet (white roses, blue hydrangeas and yellow calla lilies)
    1 smaller tossing bouquet. 
    1 MOH and 4 bridesmaids bouquets
    9 boutineers
    2 mother corsages
    1 bag of rose pedals for the flower girl
    7 short center pieces
    10  aisle markers for the ceremony
    2 ceremony arrangements
    1 arrangement for the cake

    I also looked into DIY but didn't want to make the arrangements myself the day before the wedding.  If you want to DIY I would recommend  They have very reasonable prices on a variety of different flowers. You have to place your order 1 month in advance of your wedding date and the flowers are delivered to you 3-4 days before the wedding.
  • Any tips for DIY?
  • I am getting 1 brides bouquets, 5 bridesmaid, 5 groomsman, 1 groom, 2 dads, and 2 mothers crousage for 309.00. All red and whote roses and all oft hem wrapped with the ribbon I purchased to match my colors. I shopped for months and was always quoted over 1000.
  • $8000 is insane. I have gone for a lesson with a florist friend and learnt how to make everything myself. I took a bridesmaid for support and together we'll teach the others who will be helping us. If you practice every month and have some help I'm assured that it will be a breeze and you can save yourself over $7500. I too adore flowers but to spend so much on something that you'll only see for a few hours seems, well, not particularly sensible. Oh, and I was told to store the flowers overnight in the bathroom. Boutonnieres should be made the morning of the wedding and stored in the fridge. Good luck - and don't be ripped off just because your flowers have the word wedding prefixed.
  • I am a New England bride and I looked on Craigslist and found a stay at home mom who used to own a flower shop who now does flowers for some extra money.  Without the overhead of the shop, it is so much cheaper.  I am having a bride bouquet, 12 low centerpieces, 5 boutonnieres, 4 coursages, flower girl flowers and loose petals for other decor, for $950.  I have seen her other work and met with her and have full confidence.

  • Where did buy wholesale??
  • I live in South Carolina and for my bouquet + 4 maids, 3 corsages, 7 bouts, 10 centerpieces, and 2 potted palms (borrowing those) we were quoted $775.00. That includes delivery. I spent about 30.00 on glass bowls for 5 of the centerpieces, so about $805.00 total.

    Some flowers are more rare or just more expensive, period. If you're not married to a specific flower ask your florist what will give a similar look for less. Just a tip!

  • I only spent $200.00 on flowers. I had a friend make the bouquets, boutonnieres, flower girls and all of the rest for nothing!
  • @erinvdaly - I'm a New England bride, too.  does your florist have a website?
  • Maybe check with your local grocer. The florists there have the same degree or whatever. I live in a small town and the local florist was going to be outrageous just by talking to a few people. I just happened to be in our local Brookshires and seen some of the great arrangements she had for sale in her cases and ended up asking her if she did wedding flowers. She did i am getting my bouquet, a toss bouquet, 6 bm 4 corsages & 12 boutineers for 475.
  • Like so many brides have said before me, there are several factors that need to be considered for your floral budget. The size of your wedding and wedding party and the types of flowers you choose will be the biggest factors.  For the centerpieces, depends on the size, whether you want them to be high or low or a combination of both, if you want them to be full and lush or more simple.  Same thing goes for the bouquets, yours and your maids. My wedding will be in Sonoma Wine Country in June 2014 so I originally had no idea what to expect and how much my vision would cost. I did some research and gathered some quotes but the prices didn’t vary too much. We are expecting approx. 150 guests and we have six bridesmaids and six groomsmen. We will have mostly peonies, garden roses and hydrangeas which will be in season but are a little pricey. Our reception will be in a formal ballroom and we will have 15 reception tables and we are doing a combination of high centerpieces and low centerpieces with lanterns I have already purchased from Pier 1 Imports (on sale). Since we are having an outdoor ceremony next to a vineyard, we don’t really need much decoration and we are re-using all our ceremony flowers for the reception. We will use two of our high reception centerpieces for the ceremony, using a different vase/pillar (rented from the florist).  Our florist will also provide clear glass vases for all the bouquets to be displayed on the head table and scatter cut flowers, rose petals and candles on all tables. Here is the breakdown of what our florist will provide for us:<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


    Bride Bouquet: $150

    6 bridesmaids bouquets: $360 (60 each)

    2 Mothers corsages: $50 (25 each)

    10 Boutonnieres: $125 (12.50 each) Groom, six groomsmen, two fathers, one ring bearer

    Scattered rose petals down aisle and for flower girls: $85

    7 Tall arrangements: $875 (125 each) including rental of 25” tall clear glass vases

    1 Tossing bouquet: $30

    Candles: Pillar and votive candles on all tables, cake table, guest sign in table etc. $153

    Delivery/Service Fee: $150

    Total: $1978


    I think our estimate is pretty average and nothing too over the top. My sister spent about the same on her wedding flowers. I could have easily doubled this budget with more arrangements, larger (fuller and lusher) centerpieces, more ceremony flowers etc. If you are looking to spend a little less, consider a smaller wedding party and scale down the size of your centerpieces, since they will take up about 50-60% of your floral budget. Tell your florist your budget up front and have a list of priorities for where you want to allocate that budget. Good luck!

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