What is the average cost of wedding flowers?


Re: What is the average cost of wedding flowers?

  • My quote for a bridal bouquet, 6 bridesmaids bouquets, 20 centerpieces (two different types--one floral wreath with hurricaine in the center, the other a tall centerpiece), card table piece, 8 boutinerres--around $2500. The other quotes I received were upwards of $3000. I live in upstate NY.
  • Hey, could you tell me how you did it?
  • $8,000 for flowers???? Wow.  I am doing a lot of it myself but I'm not spending more than $500, possibly as low as $300, and I'm going to a good florist in New Orleans.  I want all tiny bouquets, as I don't like the big ones that look like weapons, but I'm using garden roses which are more expensive.  My bouquet will be $70 and each of 3 bridesmaids' will be $40.  3 boutonnieres at $8 each.  Then bulk gladiolas, stock, snapdragons, and maybe iris for me to make 3 church arrangements, plus bulk hydrangeas and small vases to make about 8 reception table arrangements.  Plus about a dozen or 2 lisianthus for around the cake.

  • Lucky for me, my mother-in-law is a florist, I've asked her how much our flowers would have cost at retail prices, and holy cow they are expensive.  If we had to pay retail for our flowers, it would be 1/3 of our budget.  As it stands now, it's about 10%.
  • Holy zombie threads Batman! This thread is from last year--why did it get sent out in a mass e-mail?

    But all the pricing info is very interesting, I must say. We haven't ordered any florals yet.
  • I'm getting married in a suburb of Chicago. My florist works out of her home and her husband works in floral wholsale. Sooo... her price is better than going with a regular flower shop. If anyone needs a referral... shoot me a message!
  • Flower prices are determined by many factors: Season, location, types of flowers..ect. I'm paying a little over $8,000 in the Asheville, NC but I'm importing out of season flowers. If you are looking to cut your cost ask the florist for flowers that are in season. Roses are always expenive and using local flowersis not always cheaper. Hope this helps.
  • It might be the type of flowers you are wanting. All depending on season an what's available. That sounds like way too much! You should ask your florist what type of flowers look so similar but are a lower coat. There are ao many that look the same!!:)
  • I have yet to look into flowers myself, but I know what kinds i want. I'm probably going DIY on that and picking them (wild flowers that few florists work with). Are you looking at out of season flowers? That adds to cost. Consider doing some more research and maybe find more seasonal flowers or locally sourced rather than impprted. That should really help cut down costs.
  • What place did u go too? I'm in DFW and having a hard time finding florist.
  • I think it also depends on if you are getting flowers in season or not. Also floral shops have a much higher overhead then a floral designer who may create your arrangements in her garage. Those are both costs that get passed on to you. 
  • 8K for flowers.  I think that is wayyy too much. I am budgeting no more that 1,500 and I live in NYC. But the bottom line is its up to you.

  • It depends where you are, how much you are buying, and what you are buying. I'm getting my bridal bouquet for $110, 4 bridesmaid bouquets for $120, two ceremony arrangements for $120, and 25 small arrangements for tables, two per table, for $660, plus with tax & delivery comes to about $1,200. However, for bridesmaids I am doing babies breath bouquets and we are using filler flowers for my centerpieces and ceremony arrangements. My florist was great about taking the colors I wanted and finding more cost effective alternatives that look just as great but for a fraction of the price. We are also saving money by not doing boutonnieres as my fiancé is allergic (we are opting for spiffy handkerchiefs instead). Hope this helps!
  • ktargonski - I am planning a wedding in DFW as well, would you be willing to share who you are using?! I would be so grateful for a reasonable florist :)
  • Wow where did you get your flowers from?
  • Where did you get your flowers from?
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    Wow! I thought my florist was expensive! We are spending a little under $2,000 and we got:

    6 bridesmaid boquets, my boquet, 9 boutonnieres, 4 corsages for moms and grandmothers, two flower baskets with rose petals, two kissing balls (flowers in huge ball formation that hang from ceiling), drapery rental for gazebo, two floral arrangments to hang in gazebo, rose petals in three colors for aisle, floral arangments for end chair of each row (for ceremony),  center pieces for 10 tables.

    Wow, now that I see how much I'm getting I think I'll hug my florist too! Oh and I am renting lanterns for down the aisle from my florist also. :-)

  • Mine are estimated to be about $2440, for the church / reception / attendants / parents / grandparents / and us (bride & groom).  I was able to score free delivery & set-up, which was a really nice surprise!  I am still going to be price shopping around before I make a final decision, but we shall see!  
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    How much did you end up spending? I have a similar budget, but the quotes I've been getting are outrageous. I'm also in NYC
    andaiyeh said:
    8K for flowers.  I think that is wayyy too much. I am budgeting no more that 1,500 and I live in NYC. But the bottom line is its up to you.

  • Hey...I'm also looking for a florist in the NYC area. I've been getting quotes from a few florists for anywhere from $3,000 - $3,600 for bride/6 maids/ 6 boutonnieres/ 5 corsages / 2 alter baskets/ 10 pew bows ... I feel like it's a high price for flowers....ideally I'd rather stay btwn $1800 - $2200 ... just not sure how to get there! =)
  • It's all about what exactly you're getting. We're spending about $1700 including delivery and taxes in San Diego. I didn't feel we had to compromise anything, except our centerpieces might be on the small-medium side. $1,700 gets us:

    1 bridal bouquet 
    1 toss bouquet
    4 bridesmaid bouquets
    7 boutonnieres
    4 corsages

    2 arch arrangements (will reuse on head table)
    12 centerpieces (8 of which double as hanging ceremony arrangements)
    8 shepard hooks rentals
    cake flowers

  • Just over 2000.
    Gazebo decoration 125
    Specialized Bouquet Bride 200
    2 bouquets 85
    2 large arrangements 300
    Centerpieces 775
    5 boutaniers 60

    New York City

    My wedding is in October.....I hope it turns out the way I envision it.
  • If you don't mind me asking what florist are you using? My wedding will be in this area, but I am not from here my in-laws are.
  • I went with a feather floral package on etsy. I spend 400.00 and got bridal bouq, moh bouquet, groom bout, 7 addtl bouts, 2 mog and mob coursages, and 7 addtl corsages. my pieces were customer and I know they will not wilt through out the night. I liked this because of my winter wedding, flowers were a bit more pricey.
  • Wow... May I ask for the name of your florist? I sm getting married in Dallas in 2014 also and am having a very hard time finding an affordable florist! Thank you so much in advance!
  • I live in the DFW area as well! Who are you using for your flowers??
  • awright65 said:

    I'm loving the DIY idea.  Do you have pics of your flowers?  Would love to see how they came out.

    Would love to try it :) Might

  • Who is your florist??
  • wow, thats ALOT. I had 12 tables done, along with 4 bouquets, 7 corsages, and arrangements for 6 windows, it came to be a little over 1100. 8k is wayyy too much
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  • I'm in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Ktargonski- what florist are you using??
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