What is the average cost of wedding flowers?


Re: What is the average cost of wedding flowers?

  • That sounds great! I only want my bouquet, 2 maid of honor bouquets and small bouquets on each table with there are 11 and bare minimum for the wedding. Not sure how much that is but dang I hope cheep and not over $400

  • ask your venue if they have a walk in catering fridge to store them.. either that or employ all your friends refrigerator space
  • SAMS CLUB ALL THE WAY! Find someone - a close friend or family friend to assemble everything and buy it two days before. Read the reviews. It's an AMAZING deal. I got all my flowers for 1200 and i got hundreds of roses and hydrangeas. it would have cost me 5 times or more as much if I hired a florist in town.
  • don't buy it two days before...get it delivered 2 days before so they have a chance to open and you have plenty of time to organize them etc...

  • I feel like one thing no one is talking about is what type of flowers. Obviously, if you want peonies out of season it's going to be more expensive than hydrangea in season. Duh.
  • NYC LI NJ CT and surrounding areas are expensive for flowers.  You do get what you pay for.  $8,000 would be considered average
  • Mine's going to be about $499.



     1 Bridal Bouquet

    1 Bridesmaid's Bouquet

    1 Maid of Honor Bouquet

    1 Petite Bridesmaid's Bouquet

    6 Boutonnieres

    3 Centerpieces (scattered on random tables, the others will have DIY lantern centerpieces)

    6 Wrist Corsages

    1 Toss Bouquet


    Blue Hydrangeas




    Daisypath Wedding tickers


    Daisypath Anniversary tickers

  • For folks who have done 50 flowers -- I notice they have an arranged flowers section. The prices seem kind of amazing. Has anyone done the pre-arranged flowers from them? 
  • All I know is that I want carnations.

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