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I was just wondering - for those of you who have had hydrangeas in their bouquet (or it was their entire bouquet), about how much did they cost? I'm thinking of having white, purple, and blue hydrangeas for our flowers. I originally wanted orchids as my wedding flower, but I'm also looking for alternative flowers in case the orchids are too expensive for the budget. Hydrangeas are very soft and romantic, and I think they'd go beautifully with the look we are going for.

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated! :-)
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Re: Hydrangea Price

  • I would speak to a local florist for exact pricing, but you could do a mix of the hydrangea and orchids! Hydrangeas are more expensive per stem than most flowers, but they are fairly large as well, so they will take up more space in your bouquet than other flowers. 
  • Our florist in PA quoted me $3.75 per stem. I love hydrangeas, and when I buy them at the local grocery store/florist they are typically around $5 per stem.  When you buy them in bulk (as I'm considering) they go for about $2-$3/stem.  I did a few mock-up bouquets, and 4-5 stems makes a nice bridesmaids bouquet, and 6-8 stems makes a large bridal bouquet.  One thing I have found in my test runs - the blue hyrangeas are difficult to work with. The florist I talked to doesn't work with them at all because they are quick to wilt in a bouquet -- she tints white hydrangeas blue instead.
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  • Costco - 30 stems of hydrangeas for 95.00.  You can get all one color or a combo.
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