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Copyright/watermark typical on bought wedding photos?

I read another post about problems with the photographer and I'm getting a little worried about mine.

I haven't received my wedding pics yet. They won't be ready for a few more weeks. I am paranoid that the photographer will put her copyright logo on all the pics. We agreed that there will be no "watermark". Is that the same thing as a logo?

Should I email her and ask? I assume that she operates professionally and will not includes logos if that is not the standard. Is it the standard?

Re: Copyright/watermark typical on bought wedding photos?

  • I'm not an expert, but with my photographer we paid for printing rights, so we got a CD with pictures with no logo. However, the website where our pictures were uploaded to look at online did have logos on them. I assume any shown over the computer WILL have logos, but any sent to you physically wont. 
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    Check your contract. Some photographers do not give you printing rights, and therefore put a logo or watermark on the final images.

    In my experience, most photographers will give you low res/internet versions of their photos, with a watermark to use on websites, FB, etc. But when they give you the disk of high res images, they will not include a logo. 
  • Thanks! I was given fll printing rights with no watermark. I suppose it s okay to assume there will be no logo.
  • I think that the logo and watermarks are the same thing. But you should definitely ask your photographer.
  • If you have printing rights, your photos will come without a logo (also called a watermark) on the image. Copyright is a completely different animal, and the odds are that your photographer will continue to own the copyright, and will have given you printing rights. This just means that your photographer will still 'own' the images and can use them for advertising, on their website, etc. 
    When I send a disc, I include two folders-one is the full resolution images for printing, and the other contains watermarked images for Facebook and online sharing.
  • No. If you buy your images, your photographer should not put his/her watermark or logo on the images. They are the same thing. If they are displaying the photos online, they might, just so nobody steals them, but this is normal and it should be taken off when they send your copies.
  • As an assistant wedding photographer myself, I can assure you that the logo/watermark are indeed the same thing, and I highly doubt they will be included on your wedding photos! I'm sure they will turn out gorgeously!
  • I'm a wedding photographer as well, and what I generally do is put my logo/watermark (yes, same thing) on the photos I want to put online (I don't watermark the photos on my own photo website, but I do on my Devan Johnson Photography facebook page) and I give the couple a disc of images that do not have the logo. Every photographer will have a different practice, so it is important to check, but I have a feeling that is pretty typical. 

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  • If you you bought the printing rights for the photos you should get them without any type of logo or watermarks, if you didn't you may get them with a logo and in low resolution since you are not allowed to print them in any way.
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