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Hi Ladies!  I hope you've all enjoyed your holiday!  I have spent my Christmas at my future in-laws and we have been trying to sort out the rehersal dinner.  They have decided to give us a flat $$ amount and let us do whatever we want (I'm okay with this, the wedding is 8 hours away from where they live and in a town they have never visited).

My venue for the wedding is the middle of nowhere, so we were going to have the RD at the same location, unforuntately thier catering menu isn't too extensive.

I've been working with my wedding planner at the venue and she through a few ideas at me for rehersal dinner menu.  One of those idea was to have appatizers instead of a sit down dinner.  I LOVE this idea! 

Is this okay to do?  has anyone else done it? I was thinking of having a salad among the appatizers also so there is something healthy in the mix. 

What are your thoughts on this?

Re: RD Menu questions

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    Is it a rehearsal dinner or an rehearsal cocktail party? I would just make sure there is enough appetizers to fill each guest up on.
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    I guess it would be a rehersal cocktail party- that would be the correct term?

    There will definately be plenty of food!!! For 26 people I'm having:
    Chicken tenders
    coconut shrimp
    crab cakes
    cheese and crackers
    a veggy platter

    and at least one other thing.  So I figured I've got a few healthy things, a few bar food type items and a few classy items...

    I'm obviously looking for something laid back, so I think I'm getting there.  I just wasn't sure if it's acceptable to not feed people a "sit down dinner"

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    You don't need to have a sit down dinner, but you'll need something more filling than that. Could you add in a pasta bar? Or maybe chili?
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    You should definitely add something more substantial to the menu.  I assume it will be dinnertime?  Your guests will be hungry with only those options.
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