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Bad timing for shower

My husband-to-be is a teacher who was laid off last year because of budget cuts. He was fortunate enough to get another teaching job in a town about 2 1/2 hours away so he has been gone during the week this school year (I am a teacher, too). It has been really hard, but we got through it thinking it was only a one-year situation because a teacher at his old school would be leaving at the end of this year and he would get his old job back. I just found out last night that even though the teacher is leaving, the school district has decided to fill the position with teachers still at the school. I am beyond devastated and cannot stop crying because we are supposed to get married in July and it looks like we will be spending another year driving to each other on the weekends.

My bridal shower is tomorrow and I know everyone will be asking me about our plans for next year. I cannot even type this without crying so how I am supposed to get through a shower? I feel awful because I know how hard my family has worked to put together an amazing shower, but honestly, my heart isn't in it right now. All I want to do is crawl into bed and stay there for the whole weekend. Have any of you received bad news right before your shower (I hope not, of course) and if so, how did you get through the shower?

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    I'm sorry this happened.  That really sucks.  Maybe you could tell a couple of people about the situation today and they can spread the word not to mention it tomorrow?  Having your shower will most likely make you feel better!  I hope you're able to enjoy the party.
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    I agree with PP< mention it to your mom and your MOH- have them spread the word not to ask about it,. and be happy to be around loving family and friends tomorrow.

    Take tomorrow to relax, have a glass of champagne, open some presents and EAT cake, take Monday to wallow in bed- and figure out the plans for next year.
    You need "you" time, and that's ok
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    My Aunt died a few weeks before my shower and then the week before we found out my grandfathers cancer re-emerged. The two months leading up to the wedding(2 weeks away!) have been riddled with bad news from mine and fi's families. Its really hard to get through but it is so nice to be able to spend time with family/friends during rough times. Having my shower really helped take my mind off of things, eat cake, drink a margarita and laugh with my friends. It also helped my mom/grandma because they were able to take joy in my steps even with the grief in our family. I know the situations arent similar but, you need to take the time with your friends/family and just have fun and leave the stress at home! When asked questions just smile and say you are working on it, or are undecided. No need to get into the griddy details that will likely dampen your mood. Take the joy from being with those who care about you and store it up for later when you are faced with stress again, it really helps!
    Good luck :-)
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