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What to add to each registry?

Hi Ladies-
I am registering at three stores- Kohl's, Target and BBB. We've started registering but I'm wondering what I should be adding to each registry. Should we be adding everything to each registry? For example... should we add bed sheets, dishware, silverware, etc. to each registry, or should we be finding what we really want of each item at one store and only putting it on our registry for that one store? So, if we choose silverware at Kohl's... don't put it on Target or BBB, if we find sheets at BBB, don't put it on Target or Kohl's...

Sorry if this is confusing, I'm thinking far too much about this...I'm sure everyone does this differently but I'm looking for some opinions. Part of me likes being organized and only putting each item once for all of our stores we're registering at, but not everyone is going to be going to each store... plus, not knowing what we're going to get for sure is kind of exciting ;) Maybe going with one of those sites that syncs the registries would be a good idea, haha.

Please let me know your thoughts and opinions...I need some sense knocked in to me! :) Thanks!
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Re: What to add to each registry?

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    We have tons of kitchen gadgets and appliances, a really expensive set of stainless steel pots and pans, and two nice sets of everyday dishes already (FI's favorite hobby is cooking so we have most of the standard kitchen stuff covered) so we crossed all that stuff off the standard registry "must-haves" list first. After we had an idea of what we actually needed, we went to a few different stores that we thought we may be interested in doing registries with and looked around.  We're planning to only register at one place for each type of item and just registering for our favorites.  Our china and crystal will probably be from Macy's, we're interested in the Food Network collection at Kohl's, and we will probably register at BBB for random odds and ends that we need.  The only other store we may add is Dillard's, but we haven't been yet to see how their china compares to Macy's.  I really don't see a problem with registering at lots of stores, especially if you have people from all over the country who may or may not have easy access to a particular store on your list.
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    We are being pretty straight forward about it I guess.  We are registering at Target and BBB.  I want to give price and store options, but I also don't see the use of registering for the same item at two locations.  I think if you cover the price points at each store, you won't have to duplicate items between registries.  People will be able to find something they want to buy and that way you won't spend a whole bunch of time returning or exchanging!

    I went to a wedding last summer, and they had registered at three places.  At each place they registered for full sets of towels (probably about 24 total).  All I remember thinking was "good lord, who needs that many towels!"  I think most people look at all registries and then decide what they are going to get, so they would notice a lot of duplicates.

    I also agree with PP, it's nice to price shop for your guests so that you are registering for an item where it is least expensive. :)

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