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Gift from flower girl to bride

Anyone have a creative idea for a gift to the bride from her flower girl??

Thanks :)

Re: Gift from flower girl to bride

  • I didn't know FGs gave a gift to the bride. I clearly did my wedding wrong, cause I gave my FG the gift.
  • I didn't think the FG gave a gift.   I thought she would be given a gift as she is a member of the bridal party.  She's a child-I would think she would be included in the gift her parents give.
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  • A flower girl is supposed to give the bride a gift???? Isn't her family already doing enough by spending money on getting her all dressed up, etc. etc? My daughter's going to be a FG in a few months - is this expected???
  • I don't think I've ever heard of a FG giving a gift to the bride... I gave a gift to my FG but didn't expect to receive one.

    But Edie has a cute idea, she received a ring holder.
  • Like the other PP's, I'm perplexed. Most flower girl's still have to ask their parents for lunch money. I've never heard of them giving a gift. A ring holder would be cute.
  • the mother of the flower girl, just looking for something sweet for my daughter to give the bride before she walks down the aisle.  Of course, we will be giving a separate gift to the couple from the our entire family (flower girl included).  The ring holder sounds like a good idea, thx.
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