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How do you take your hair down and deal with it afterwards??

I just had my hair and makeup trial the other day.  It's not anything too elaborate, just a half up/half down.  The stylist teased the top for some volume, curled everything else, and pinned the sides up.  Looked great.  Went to take it down that night and I swear my hair was huge and knotty.  I couldn't get a comb through most of it.  I washed and conditioned about 3 times and my hair still wasn't happy with me and I couldn't run a comb through it.  I lost chunks of hair getting the knots out.  I can't imagine trying to go through this on my wedding night.  Does anyone have any tricks or suggestions?  

Re: How do you take your hair down and deal with it afterwards??

  • I would start by asking your stylist for advice on this one.

    Mine wasn't too knotty, but it was very product-y and a little tangled.  I started by spraying it quite liberally (like, until it was wet) with detangler before I even got in the shower, and slowly working a comb through.  Once it was mostly all detangled, I washed and conditioned as usual and it was fine after that.

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  • Oh lord, giving me flashbacks.  I have really long hair (down almost to my waist), and chose a very complex and big volume curly hairstyle.  Lots of product and little braids went into it too.

    For my trial appointments, I tried showering and it was a nightmare.  It literally took me 2 hours and 3 showers, and my hair still pouted at me for days.

    SO, when I found out that our honeymoon suite had a whirlpool, I had a 'AHA!" moment.  Into the tub I went on my wedding night with some chocolates and a bottle of champagne (rough life I know).  My new husband and I must have spent over an hour recapping the wedding and relaxing in that tub while I soaked my hair.  It was wonderful!

    I still needed a couple of shampooings the next morning, but it went MUCH better that way.  I highly recommend soaking first!
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  • One trick that works for me is to "wash" your hair with conditioner once before washing with shampoo, and then condition again after you've washed your hair once or twice with shampoo.  And this one is obvious, but you really can comb through just about anything if you go very, very slowly, doing small sections at a time and starting from the very ends and slowly working your way up.
  • Im a hairstylist, so I would recommend that you try to brush through what you can, wash twice and then try to use a deep conditioning treatment that you leave on for 5 mins in the shower, use a wide tooth comb and comb through the conditioner starting from ends up to roots. Then should hopefully help and you could always follow through with a detangler afterwards. Good Luck girls!
  • One thing I've had success with when my hair has gotten really tangled up is to bring my comb into the shower with me and use it while the conditioner is still in my hair. 
  • I'm not gonna lie, taking my hair out was a nightmare.   There were over 100 bobby pins in it and it took me, my landlady and her daughter over an hour to take out.  I never removed my veil at the reception because it was stuck.
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  • From what I understand, brushing your hair when it's wet can damage it because water weakens your hair's, uh?, bonds. Combing does less damage. I think a ton of detangler and a hair masque is probably your best bet. Also, I sort of assume everyone knows this but just in case, start at the bottom of your hair and work your way up so you don't create uber-knots. 
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  • My plan is always to take out all of the pins immediately after the event and finger-comb my hair a bit. I tend to then sleep with my "dirty" hair in a loose bun. Dealing with it in the morning when I'm rested is much less stressful than dead-tired at like 2 AM.  I start with a deep conditioner and it usually works itself out!
  • This was my hair trial:

    This is when I took it out:

    YIKES! I actually kept it in for over 24 hours, since my hair trial was the day before my first fitting. It held up really well...

    I used a LOT of conditioner. The thick stuff. Cheap thin conditioner isn't enough. 

    Condition, wash, condition, wash again, condition some more. Work it through your hair, and work through the knots with your fingers or a comb. A Hot OIl Treatment would probably work well too. There's no quick and easy solution.
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  • LOL Christinamarie!  Mine was very similar when it came out.  

    Thanks for everyone's advice.  I will definitely be trying some things.
  • I had a ton of bobby pins also.  I got my DH to help me get them out.

    Then in the shower, like someone else mentioned I wet my hair thoroughly, then shampooed to get some of the product out.  Then conditioned- took a wide toothed comb in there and combed my hair out (LOTS of conditioner).   Then rinsed.  Then reshampood and conditioned.
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