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French manicure vs. nail color?

I'm getting a gel mani for the wedding, I've had one before and I really liked it. I always pictured myself getting white french tips like most brides, but now I don't know. It seems so plain. I am obsessed with nail polish, I have over 50 colors at home and a day doesn't go by where I don't have polish on my nails. So I keep thinking why would I get a french when I love nail color so much? But would putting a color on your nails be tacky or look silly? My flowers are deep pink gerber daisies and I was thinking a color maybe similar to that....tacky? yes? no?
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Re: French manicure vs. nail color?

  • Don't get me wrong, I love color on the nails, but I think that for a wedding something like a french manicure might be more appropriate. Every friend I've had who painted their nails a color for their wedding regretted it because in the hyper-enhanced pictures things like that stand out against white dresses. It becomes distracting. 

    I would say go with the standard french tip. Paint your toes something crazy!! :)
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  • I agree. I'm dong french. If you really want color, whynot do a blush pink of sorts? It's till bridal but brings your peronality to it.

  • I did french as well.
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  • I can't explain it, but I HATE french tips. I went with a very light pink, and I'm not sorry at all. It was OPI Bubble Bath.
  • Eh a good friend had deep red (think a berry color) nails for her fall wedding and I thought it looked gorgeous, in person and in pictures. I have also seen NUMEROUS brides with a dark or bright color on their toes.

    It's definitely not tacky; I think if you feel more comfortable and more like yourself with a color on, then wear a color. I wore French because I like French in general and often get a French mani even when it's not my wedding. If I had married in the fall and had different colors for flowers and what not, I probably would have done a darker, deeper color.

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    I did dark pink nails.  I loved them.  They were certainly not distracting, and I'm rolling my eyes pretty hard at the idea that fingernails could be that distracting.

    But here, here are a couple pictures you can see my hands in.  You can decide if it's terribly distracting.

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  • My nails were very short and a bright tealy blue.  LOVED THEM. Love them in the photos that you can see them, but they aren't at all noticeable in most pictures.

    I think french tips are blegh.
  • French tips are boring. Do color if you want it. I don't think it's tacky.
  • It's definitely not tacky to do color on your wedding day or any other day for that matter.  Go with the color!!!
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  • I'd do color. French tips look tacky and dated to me. I like nude colors as well. Very subtle and won't stand out. 
  • In Response to <a href="">Re: French manicure vs. nail color?</a>:
    [QUOTE]I'd do color. French tips look<strong> tacky and dated</strong> to me. I like nude colors as well. Very subtle and won't stand out. 
    Posted by SmallenForever[/QUOTE]

    Totally agree.
  • My SIL did French tips with white and thin stripe of orange beneath.  It looked really nice.

    Otherwise you could do another classic color, maybe a pale pink.
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  • This is totally a matter of taste.  But I'm firmly in the camp of "French manicures are tacky and should be reserved for Real Housewives."  I'm having blood red nails at my autumn wedding.
  • I say if colored nails are you, you should go with that!

    My color is Essie in Ballet Slipper. I'll probably stick wth that at my wedding, too!
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  • If you like color, wear color. I am pro-color, and have what could be construed as too many bottles of polish myself. I haven't had a French mani since the 90's. Personally, just over it. Not my thing. If it floats your boat, puts a smile on your face, then you should do it. I'm doing shellac which is sort of limiting my options (sigh), but I want to have nice nails thru the honeymoon- don't want to be looking at chips. So I'm going for a light pink shellac.
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  • If you like color go for it!  What I hate about French manicure is that it looks like someone used whiteout for the tips.  When I was in the military I wore American manicure which is much more natural toned.  I love color but those pesky regulations and I just didn't see eye to eye on that.  My fave, which is on my toes right now is "I'm not really a waitress" by OPI.
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    [QUOTE]I'd do color. <strong>French tips look tacky and dated to me.</strong> I like nude colors as well. Very subtle and won't stand out. 
    Posted by SmallenForever[/QUOTE]

    This.  I can't stand French and would only get American when I worked front desk and couldn't wear color (years ago, sadly).  I'll be doing color.
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  • COLOR! COLOR! COLOR! Esp if you normally wear nail laquer. Why would you be less on the most important day???

    French manis are soooo 90's and over done. 

    Nail art really is the craze these days also.  I am a big fan of colored nails on brides. I think it's a great way to tie in colors on an otherwise all white outfit.  You could always do a color with a lace overlay or something like that. Perhaps a gradient or ombre look?

  • Well I LOVE french tips... it's what I have now, it;s what I'll wear for my wedding, it's what I always wanted.  Not tacky or dated to me... more classic.

    However, if you want color, go for it.  It is YOUR wedding. Be true to who you are and have some fuin.  If you really want frnech tips though, you could do color on your toes. and have the best of both worlds.
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  • I was thinking of doing something like this with my nails:

    Elegant and pretty, but not quite a french manicure. I think color is fine as long as it isn't too crazy. You probably don't want to take away from your rings or flowers in photos.
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  • I had deep red nails for my wedding and I don't regret it at all, it matched my lipstick my bolero jacket and my shoes and I love love love the pops of color in all my photos.

    It's totally personal preference - who's to say in another 5-10 years french manicures won't look "dated".
  • I think it's your wedding and if you want to have dark pink nails, then do it! I am doing dark plum shelac nails. I am not a french manicure kind of girl, so why conform on your wedding day. Be you girl!
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  • Do what you love, but maybe test it out in photos ahead of time. And unless you are like my sister (who can paint and manicure her hands like a pro) I would get it done professionally either way. Good luck!

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  • My opinion is whatever is more your 'normal.'  I never paint my nails but always have them shaped well so for me I'm going to have them done a neutral pink.  My goal is to look like a more glamorous 'me' on my wedding day!
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