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Another FOB/aisle post...

OK so I have been toying with the idea of walking myself down the aisle, but it isn't that easy - bear with me as this might be a little long...

My dad and I haven't really been "close" but he isn't estranged either. We have gotten into quite a few arguments, both of us being very stubborn. My dad does not have a relationship with his father (has not talked to him in several years) and has even gone though the same thing with his mother and only sister. I do exhibit some of his traits as when I get mad, I am ready to cut off all ties.

I have been engaged for about a year now and the entire plan was to have my dad walk me down the aisle. Him and my stepmom are helping with the wedding too. My dad and I had a recent falling out (he's mad at me because my grandmother thought something I posted on facebook was about her). Our last phone conversation ended in him saying "how about you lose my number and I lose yours?" My stepmom got involved saying they need to know if they need to rent a tux or not and are acting like they are not coming to the wedding. Fine and dandy by me!

However, I am 85% sure my dad will end up coming and if he does, he will assume the same roll of walking me down the aisle and having the daddy/daughter dance. I don't want this anymore, but I am not willing to contact him to find out if he plans on coming. I am almost completely decided that I will walk myself down the aisle, but my conscience says that is rude if they are helping with the wedding... What do you think? Am I being a "shitty daughter" again??
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