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Looking for Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue? START HERE!

We get this question fairly regularly around these parts.  Help out a fellow bride by listing yours!  

Add your ideas!

Re: Looking for Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue? START HERE!

  • Something Old: Same deal with the borrowed, didn't really have anything.  

    Something New: Everything - dress, earrings, shoes, bracelet, etc. 

    Something Borrowed: Didn't really have anything.

    Something Blue:  My veil - I had a blue birdcage veil.  A hit!  I also had a sapphire bracelet. 
  • Yay!  Thanks, bbycakes!

    Old: Great-grandmother's hat pin

    New: Garter my aunt made for me

    Borrowed: Clutch from a friend of my mom

    Blue: Stockings

    I got an authentic English silver sixpence from Rennaissance Fair a couple of weeks before the wedding, it went in my shoe.
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  • old--nylons, underwear, shoes (80's granny boots), great-grandmother's hankerchief
    new--dress, veil, headpiece
    blue--garter, jewelry, bow on slip
    Serenity coin in shoe
  • Something Old - grandmothers pearl necklace
    Something New - wedding dress
    Something Borrowed - moms pearl earings
    Something Blue - toe nail polish!
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  • Old- Mom's Veil
    New- Bracelet
    Borrowed- Great-grandmother's handkerchief, Grandmother's pearls
    Blue- Shoes
    Also borrowing Great-uncle's Irish Fivepence to put in my shoe.
  • Something Old: I have a handkerchief that belonged to my great-grandmother. I always said I would carry it with me in some way on my wedding day. I have to figure out how to incorporate it. :/

    Something New: Dress, etc.

    Something Borrowed: Does my longline bra count? haha Its my sister's.

    Something Blue: Thinking about a garter (not doing the toss, just want one for FI) or maybe blue shoes..hmm

  • Old - flowers off of my grandmothers wedding dress to be incorporated into my bouquet

    New - dress, shoes, earrings, etc.

    Borrowed - grandma's wedding ring

    Blue - undies :)
  • Old & Blue: Grandmother's pin
    New: Dress, shoes, earings
    Borrowed: TBD

  • Something old, tiny pocket sized photos of my mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and FI mother grandmother and great grandmother on their wedding days sewn into the inner most layer of my dress

    Something new, my dress

    something borrowed, my veil

    something blue, my Fire department garter belt ;)
  • Something Old: Garter that my grandmother made for my mother's wedding
    Something New: my veil, hairpiece, earrings
    Something Borrowed: Still working on this part...
    Something Blue: undies, toe nail polish
  • Something Old: A wedding slip my aunt had in her attic
    Something New: My Dress
    Something Borrowed: My sisters pearls (she wore these @ her wedding)
    Something Blue: a bellybutton ring
  • My daughter had:

    Old:  the garter my grandfather had made for me before he died when I was 15.
    New:  her jewelry that was made by a family friend
    Borrowed:  my ivory sequinned evening purse
    Blue:  we went on etsy and bought two vintage aquamarine rhinestone pins...a heart and a key and pinned them in her dress.
    My baby girl is a married woman...and now my baby girl HAS a baby girl. Time unfolds in such an amazing way. I've been blessed!
  • Found a picture!  They were pinned inside her dress.  We went on Etsy and typed in vintage brooches blue stones.
    My baby girl is a married woman...and now my baby girl HAS a baby girl. Time unfolds in such an amazing way. I've been blessed!
  • This is my first post... I don't even know if I have a profile :o ?

    Oh well, here goes:

    Something old and borrowed - I wore 2 of the 4 pieces of my mother's engagement jewelry that my dad gave her 45 years ago -- I wore the necklace with diamonds and a drop pearl  and her engagement ring on my right hand. 

    Something new - my dress, shoes, headpiece and veil, etc.

    Something blue - I had a blue pendant left for me by one of my best friends when she passed away.  I had that added to the handle of my bouquet.  It was a wonderful way to honor her and make her part of my day!

  • Something old: A watch that I inherited from my great grandmother. (looks more like a bracelet)

    Something new: A pearl necklace and earrings, bought by my dad

    Something borrowed: My friend's veil

    Something blue: shoes!
  • Old:  My Nana's pearls that I used as a bracelet
    New:  My wedding jewelry given to me by my MIL
    Borrowed:  Gold Herringbone bracelet from my SIL
    Blue:  Blue charm from my mother
    Sixpence: given to me from my Grandmother.

    It was important to me to include the closest women in my life. 
  • Here goes...

    Something Old- My grandmothers white sapphire necklace and earings
    Something New- My dress
    Something Borrowed-my MOH's mom...is letting me borrow her headpeice
    Something Blue- my shoes :)

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  • I'm a year out, but here is what I have planned so far... 

    Something old: A pearl heart pin that my mom got from one of her former residents (she worked at a nursing home), it's going to be pinned to the ribbon wrap of my bouquet.
    Something new: My dress, shoes, veil, jewelry
    Something borrowed: I'm borrowing my best friend's tiara
    Something blue: Either my garter or undies :)
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  • Old: Mom's pearls which were a gift to her from Dad

    New: Dress, faux fur stole, shoes, veil

    Borrowed: Don't have anything yet, I need to get on that one.

    Blue: Blue satin panties!

    I also have a silver sixpence for my shoe, which I hope isn't uncomfortable because my Dad got it from an antique shop and is really excited for me to wear it!
  • Old: 1949 penny glued to bottom of my shoe
    New: thinking of buying something little the day before so it's REALLY new :)  maybe undies or could you consider a manicure something new?
    Borrowed: this really cool ring from my mom, that fits on my right middle finger
    Blue: either toe nail polish or undies :)
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  • Something old will probably one of my great grandmother's handkercheifs, possibly a necklace that will double as borrowed that belonged to her as well
    something new will be dress and accessories
    something borrowed, not sure yet, possibly the aforementioned necklace
    something blue, probably undies :D
  • New- dressBarrowed/old- pearl earrings from my GrandmotherBlue- the bottom of my shoes have I DO in rhinestones (I "borrowed" the idea from a pic on TK)
  • old- Lace left over from my moms dress will be used when making my dress.
    new- dress
    borrowed- aunts necklace
    blue- i have no idea so far......
  • I still have a while left but so far:::
    Something Old: A pin from my grandmother to be on the boquet
    New: Dress and most everything in my wardrobe
    Borrowed: This is the one I'm working on...
    Blue: I found the cutest anklet with a blue glass starfish!

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  • Well I have been thinking about this and I still have 11 months but here is what I have come up with.
    Old--not really sure yet
    New--Dress, shoes, jewlery
    Borrowed--hope something from my grandmother and or mother
    Blue--Shoes flip-flops that I am going to add some bling too, garter
  • For my something old I have no idea! Maybe something from my grandma or mother. For soemthing borrowed I was thinking about using something that my sister wore for her wedding. I thought about using her viel but it's catherdal and I'm havign a beach wedding. For something blue I thought about having blue shoes but we're getting marrried barefoot....so now I'm thinking about wearing pale blue flowers in my hair.
    The something new will definitely be the dress.

    The comments others have posted are so fun to read! People are so creative.
  • Old/Borrowed: My mom's entire pearl sets, earrings, necklace, bracelet, and ring.

    New: dress, shoes, veil, headpiece, slip, purse.. etc

    Blue: garter
  • Just my ideas so far:

    Something Old:I have my grandmas original wedding set and am getting the diamonds put into a ring to wear on my right hand ( I will keep passing this down). 
    Something New: My dress, veil, shoes
    Something Borrowed: Still working on this. 
    Something blue: I like the undies Idea, or finding some vintage pin on Etsy sounds amazing (Thanks for the Ideas!)
  • Old- A vintage pin that I put on my bouquet

    New- Dress, jewelry etc.

    Borrowed- A clutch from my SIL

    Blue- Undies :)
  • My blue thing is my favourite! 

    Blue sapphire engagement ring!

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