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Catholic: is one ring ok?

My FI and I will be getting married in our church, which is a Catholic church. I know that traditionally (at least more recent tradition) brides had two rings, the engagement and then the wedding band. I love my engagement ring, and there isn't really a band that would go with it without taking away from the beauty of the ring.
 I know that part of the Catholic ceremony is a blessing over the rings... can I just have my engagement ring be my official wedding ring as well? I'd simply take it off before the wedding and make sure the best man has it to give to the priests for that part instead of a wedding band.
I just didn't know if that was acceptable in the Catholic Church. Being a Sunday school teacher and very involved in my church, you'd think I'd know the answer to my own question, but I'm at a loss. I intend to ask the priest about it on Sunday, but for some reason it has me stressed out (tight budget) and I wanted to get some input from you ladies. Thanks!!
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Re: Catholic: is one ring ok?

  • Engagement rings are not important in the Catholic faith. A band of some sort is a requirement though. Definitely use your engagement ring for your wedding band if that works for you!
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    It shouldn't be an issue. I know the Jewish faith calls for a solid, plain gold band, but I've never heard of a corresponding requirement in Catholicism.
  • I don't think it's a Catholic thing to have two rings.

    I also just reused my e-ring in the cermeony because I did not want to have two rings.  My e-ring is a very wide band with diamonds on it.  Two rings would just be overkill. 

    I took my ring off just before the ceremony and H carried them in his pocket to the ceremony.
  • thanks ladies! This is what I hoped/planned/wanted to do, just wanted to make sure it wasn't an issue on any level. I appreciate the input.
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    The wedding band is the only one that the Catholic church really cares about .  Nobody is going to side-eye you, or even notice what is going on.
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  • I don't see why it would be a problem, but the priest who is marrying you is probably the best person to ask:-)
  • I'm also catholic and you don't need two rings. You just need one. 
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    [QUOTE]I'm also catholic and you don't need two rings. You just need one. 
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    Really?  I'm Catholic and no ring is required here in the Archdiocese of Washington.  It's interesting to read the different traditions across the country.
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