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    [QUOTE]So when you go to the meetings with the priest/minister to set up your wedding, how are you going to respond when he asks you why you want to get married in his church?
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    THIS.  I am sure not every church requires premarital counseling, but I am also sure most do.  I cannot even begin to fathom what a minister would have to say to you.  I certainly hope he does not agree to marry a self-proclaimed atheist (who is willing to join a congregation simply to get married inside) in a house of GOD.
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    Churches are absolutely GORGEOUS buildings. Beautiful architecture, beautiful (if a little morbid) surroundings, a place to celebrate with friends in front of the one who's teachings you follow, a place to cry when things go wrong, a place to ask for forgiveness, a place to ask for mercy, a place to get help spiritually, emotionally... Truly wonderful buildings. I'm not even a little tiny bit religious. At all. I wouldn't dream of joining a church for the sake of a backdrop. The words I want to use have flown out of my head, so I'm gonna have to paraphrase, but, what a horrendous way to make a mockery of millions of people and everything they believe in... I'm getting married in a stunning castle in the valleys of South Wales. The castle, the scenery... Absolutely beautiful.
    So, maybe things don't always go as planned... Maybe that's okay. I may be alone for now, but my baby boy is on his way, and I wouldn't change a thing.
  • You said you wouldn't get baptized if you were required it to join the church.  But I believe just about every church (this includes mine, which is very open and liberal) requires its members to take membership classes AND participate in a membership ceremony of some sort.  So you would be taking some sort of 'vow' that you don't believe in no matter whay.

    Why THIS church, OP?  There are a lot of churches that don't require you to be a member to be married in them.  Just choos another church.
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