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Whose Name First?

ok, I've seen this done both ways. I was always taught that the groom's name goes first on everything, but these days everything has the bride first. Which is proper etiquette or does it not matter?

Re: Whose Name First?

  • From what i noticed bride name is first
  • The bride's name goes first. Especially if it is monogram related. In that case, the groom should never be separated from his last name.
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  • Yeah, premarriage, the bride goes first. Postmarriage, the groom goes first.
  • What the previous posters said... a planner told me ( or maybe someone here on this board said it)

    The wedding tends to be the Bride's big day, she plans for it and executes all the details so her names goes first on everything wedding related. Until the thank you cards go out.

    Thank you cards symbolize the wedding is over and now you are two are officially married!, and his name comes first!
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  • Gabriel and LaTasha sounded better so that's what we went with on everything except for the invites...those read LaTasha & Gabriel. I know what it's "supposed' to be but I didn't like it. lol
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  • man i didnt even think about this i just always put Brandon and Kiasha on everything just cause i though it sounded better and hes super adament about it
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  • The lady's name should be first, etiquette wise.  It's also understood that you shouldn't separate the man's first name from his last name.  We've done everything like that up to this point, but I really like his name being listed first so I may do it that way after we're married.
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    what pps said it's

    bride and groom thereafter husband and wife
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  • I just got this etiquette lesson a couple of days ago from the stationary store where I ordered the address stamp. Bride and groom. Then husband and wife.
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