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Inland Empire, CA Gay friendly wedding officiant

Just wondering if anyone out there knows of any Gay friendly wedding officiant in the Inland Empire or So. Cal area...  We've already got legally married in Iowa, however, we need someone to perform our ceremony that we will be having in August.  Any suggestions??

Re: Inland Empire, CA Gay friendly wedding officiant

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    2dBride2dBride member
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    Since you are already legally married, you could use anyone (friend, family member, etc.) as the officiant.  If you want to have someone who is experienced in being an officiant, you might want to check with your local board.  Because this board is international, few here are going to know local officiants in your area.  Conversely, lots of us here have had good experiences with just asking for recommendations for a particular type of vendor (officiant, venue, caterer, etc.) and then calling up the vendors and asking them if they would be willing to provide services to a same-sex couple.  If they sound hostile, you can always decline to hire them.  However, many traditional wedding vendors are delighted to work with a same-sex couple.
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    Honestly you don’t need an officiant. Since cali does not recognize same sex marriages there is no point in having someone come out for your ceremony. I’m looking to have my ceremony in san diego and when I called the county office to ask what kind of paper work I needed they told me nothing.. and that I didn’t need anyone to come out for the service. I asked what do I do then they told me to ask a close family of friend to perform it…or I could hire an officiant. (it would lessen the cost of your service if you didn’t have one) as far as inland goes… I don’t know of any but if you wanted a religious thing then you can always look up churches in the area that support the lgbt community. I went on line before knowing I didn’t need an officiant and I found gay friendly officiants  that answered my emails with every question I had…

    Good luck, and congrats on your marriage!
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    revrandyrevrandy member
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    Depending on the day you were planning for the ceremony, I would be happy to do it.

    While I am in Santa Ana, travel to the Inland Empire is not a problem.

    FYI I am an ordained minister with Metropolitan Community Churches.

    Rev. Randy
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