We are planning a super small ceremony, just our kids, parents, one sister and a neice and nephew, but it is still stressing me out. 

I am trying to talk fiancee into eloping somewhere (no idea where) and he is game for it.

Would you elope?  where is a good place to go?

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    In the true sense of the word "elope", I don't think I could do it... just run off and get married without involving ANY of my friends and family.

    But I do love the idea of a tiny wedding. Any vacationy spot will have lots of resorts that can put together a whole wedding package for you without too much work on your part. If you want to stay within Canada, Niagara Falls would be lovely. Otherwise, how about a resort in the Caribbean or Las Vegas?
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    What are you feeling stressed about exactly?  If the ceremony is not for you, then elope - do what makes the two of you feel the best on your day.  I will admit that planning a wedding is a lot of work, but it was worth all the effort in the end to be with my loved ones.

    I would love a tropical place for a wedding or a getaway.  This works for a honeymoon as well if you can take it!
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    I think maybe I am just stressing out.  Maybe I just need to relax.

    Lots of things have been going on.
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    If you do plan on sticking around - let a small restaurant or venue take care of everything - there are plenty of places that will do food, reception, AV, flowers, decor, and everything all together.  That way you pick everything at once and then it is done!
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    I would totally elope! But I would have to come back and have a celebration with friends and family after. I think the idea of it is really cute and romantic. Your wedding is already small anyway.

    What about somewhere outside of the city in the spring, or closer to summer? A ranch maybe?
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    The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge offers a variety of options for small intimate weddings. The Signature Cabins are perfect for the whole family to stay together You can even host a catered dinner in the cabin and use the cabin for your ceremony site.  They are also very accommodating to different budgets.
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