Table Linens and Chair Covers

Anyone know where to purchase these things in Canada?  I am fearing the shipping and brokerage fees.  I much rather buy from a Canadian company if possible.  I am in Alberta, so I get there will be shipping costs involved, however it is the brokerage fees.....

Re: Table Linens and Chair Covers

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    I think most people just rent these items instead of buying them. Check your yellowpages for local rental businesses. Many large Djs, or caterers rents these out among other items.
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    I have looked into it.  It extremely pricey.  That is the route I was going to go, until I was able to purchase some of what I wanted on kijiji and was directed to an American website where I can purchase what I want for cheaper than what is to rent and then I can in return sell them and get some of my cost back.
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    I considered it too, but in the end I wouldn't be saving much $$ and I'd have to deal with all of it afterwards. Same with table runners - I thought making them would be better, but it really doesn't save any money (or time!). Cost isn't always the issue however and if I had the time and extra money, it would be nice to get something extra unique.
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