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I have some major "checks" to share... and was able to save $$ or get for free!

1) Cake Topper and Tiara --> got both at AC Moore (craft store) for 50% off each item!

2) Free Toasting Flutes with my Macy's Registry with req'd dollar amount of Lenox China! (mailed off the forms, should receive toasting flutes in about 6 weeks).

3) Free silverware tray with BB&B Henckels Flatware! (mailed off the forms, should receive in about 10 weeks).

4) Free wedding music CD for Cuisinart registry at BB&B! (mailed off forms, should receive in about 16 weeks... weird that a CD takes that long)

5) Free calphalon santoku knife with my Calphalon pots/pans registry at BB&B.  Should come in about 4 to 6 weeks.  My brother gave me his free santoku knife when he got married, and I may end up keeping this second knife too, or maybe it will make a good birthday/Christmas/Wedding present for the upcoming events we are attending... 

6) Mom has a cake baker she's contacted, and we're starting to figure out cake designs and flavors... hopefully a cake tasting in early January.


Got to get on:
- Meeting with Photographer
- Need to find a DJ for the reception
- Start really thinking about ceremony music and musicians... (I'm a musician so this won't be an easy decision to make)

July 16, Our Wedding Day, is also International Juggling Day!

Re: Check!

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    How did you get your free knife with Calphalon products? I know they have the incentive program and we definitely qualified for it as our primary brand registered for at BB&B was Calphalon. We actually just bought over $400 of the Calphalon products on our registry yesterday with a wedding gift. Is there a form to turn in? I'm sure its in the info that gave us that I have laying around

    Great checks! It seems the things you have taken care of, I don't, and the things on your "to-do" list are things I've completed. Haha
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    Actually, it's pretty easy -- the forms are only in-store, though.  In the "registry incentives" brochure, Calphalon has the "gift with registry" (just have $500 or over of Calphalon products on your registry).  You mail in a copy of the registry with the Calphalon products circled, plus the redemption form available at the bridal counter in BB&B.  

    Once you complete a minimum dollar amount on your registry, whether it's purchased for you, or you purchase it (it just has to show up as completed on your registry), mail in a copy of the registry showing the items as completed along with the appropriate redemption form from the bridal counter.  There might be another item required, like a barcode label or something, I don't know.  It's pretty easy.  The hard part is waiting!! :-)

    Once we get our calphalon products (whether we buy them or receive them) I am VERY Excited about getting the calphalon grill pan offered on the "gift with completion" part of the brochure.  So excited that I didn't register for a grill pan because I figure I'll be able to get it for free!! :-)
    July 16, Our Wedding Day, is also International Juggling Day!
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    Yay, congrats on the freebies! We just booked our cake baker- tastings are so fun! I use theknot's checklist as a timeline as to when I should do things because if I didn't, I would have no clue when to do them! I have never planned a wedding before, haha. Do you use the checklist too?
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    lol, I love TK checklist... I look at it just about every day to see if anything new pops up on the checklist.  I REALLY love being able to click on "view all" and checking off things by category since I think a little more that way.  However, it's more useful for me to use the chronological checklist so I don't forget something major (almost forgot the DJ!).  I've definitely never planned a wedding before... thankfully my older brother got married 6 years ago, so it's more fresh.  And, my FI and I have been to several weddings the past 2 years, and 3 of my cousins each recently got married (and OH the babies at Thanksgiving... loud!!).

    I ramble, it's getting late and I need to get some shut-eye!  Can't stop watching "Message in a Bottle" on LMN though... I love Nicholas Sparks movies! 
    July 16, Our Wedding Day, is also International Juggling Day!
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    kelly- I didn't know you could "view all". I'll have to check that out. And I love Nicholas Sparks movies, too... and babies. haha
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