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I saw this really cute idea for the guests to play I spy at the wedding with their camera's or by having disposable cameras at each table...heres what i was thinking; my concern is do you think guest will play this or just think it is silly? Should we provide the camera's or have guest use their cameras (that is if they have a camera). What is everyones thoughts??
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Re: I Spy Game

  • Please don't.  Games are for kids birthday parties.
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  • We are doing that!  I made the boards last weekend, and I bought cameras for all the tables (found a good deal on Amazon).  I guess our crowd likes to have fun because most of the weddings I have been to have cameras, and other types of activities during the reception.  It sometimes breaks up the waiting when the bride and groom are handling obligations.

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    The last wedding I attended had this, and while it was cute in theory, no one took pictures of those I Spy things. They took pictures of themselves with friends, or of their table, or just took a camera and took any pictures they wanted then brought the camera home at the end of the night. 

    I highly doubt they got many useable pictures from those cameras, so if you're okay with this potentially being a waste of money, then go for it.
  • I wouldn't do this, and I think that buying disposable cameras and developing them will probably just be a waste of money for the quality of pictures you'll get.  Also, I saw that one thing to find is MOB crying...if I were the MOB, I would not be pleased if all the guests were trying to get a photo of me crying.
  • My sister didn't do an "I Spy" thing for her wedding 7 years ago, but she did have disposable cameras on each table.  She finally ended up just throwing them away 2 years ago because she never got them developed.  At $10/camera and $8 each to develop, it was a waste of money.

    If you do anything, I'd just do photo-sharing cards (a business card that lists information on a common website where they can post their pictures of your wedding) and no game.
  • it might be cute if you give them to the kids at the wedding. personally i wouldn't do it.

    also- use 's when you mean possessive, just plain s when it's plural. There are many cameras on the table. The camera's lens is dirty.  Just because there seemed to be some confusion on your end :)


  • I think it's a wonderful idea and I plan to do it at my wedding.  The photographer could most definitely take the pics of the items on your list, but, depending on the photographer, you might pay for the extra developing costs for the shots. 
    I am a scrapbooker and find pictures to be one of the most important things on my big day, so the more pics the a lot of different perspectives!  I'll be more inclined to cut up and be creative with my scrapbook if the pics are from disposable cameras and not the expensive, nicer ones from my photographer. 
    I don't think that the guests will find it silly.  It's fun, and isn't that what it's all about?!!
  • I lvoe this idea and me being a scrap booker i  would love the different angles the photographer cant get to . Plus i have a lot of photographer friends that could do it to so I am a little conflicted :/
  • im going to do an iSpy and have an instagram hashtag - so the ipsy photos can get instagrammed!
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