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Fireworks at wedding?

I saw this recent post on about using fireworks at your wedding. It definitely seems like a cool idea and something that can add a lot to your wedding. I absolutely LOVE fireworks! But I'm wondering if it's an unecessary cost or too much "extra"...Maybe I should settle for sparklers during the send-off instead?  Has anyone used fireworks in their wedding or had a friend do so? Any advice to share?

Here's the link to the blog post:

They mention a DFW company that seems like a nice place to start.  Thoughts wouuld be much appreciated :)

Re: Fireworks at wedding?

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    Well... just remember you will be spending probably $3,000 minimum for this (that's in my area which is very modest) for about 3 (or 10 or 20 or whatever) minutes. I does leave a big impression but it can also leave a bad taste if people feel like they got a crappy meal or were slighted in some other way so you could have fireworks.... and of course... where you budget stands is another thing to take in mind although I am assuming you budget must be rather significant if you are considering fireworks in the first place! Not to say they aren't cool (i love fireworks!) but worth seeing both sides! Good luck!
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    I'd price this out before you fall too in love with the idea.  It gets expensive very quickly, not to mention you'll probably have to pay for a permit from the city and might have to pay a noise fine as well.  I know the fireworks show that Disneyland ran for the 50th anniversary cost upwards of $100K a night, to give you some idea.
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    I agree with what someone else said - if you are going to pursue fireworks, there better not be anything "budget" about the reception, especially the food and bar. For example, we are attending the wedding of DH's cousin next month. The wedding is on a Friday at an ok reception place, but nothing super fancy. However, they spent 8k on flowers. While it's certainly their $ to spend how they want, I kind of have issues with the lack of balance.

    The fireworks are definitely an unnecessary expense, however if you have the money it would be a nice, fairly unique, albeit expensive touch.

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    I want fireworks too, but I'm going to have to wait and see if it fits into my budget. If I have them, they would be behind us at an outdoor venue during a nighttime ceremony, and I would want them to go off during the "you may kiss the bride" part. I definitely want sparklers for the send off wether I have fireworks or not.

    Some places have package deals...for example this vendor in my area has a package that includes a 2min firework show, photo projections, ice sculpture with vodka slide, uplighting, rose petal cannons, and 100 sparklers for $3300. Not too bad for what you get IMO. The other vendors in my area have much longer shows that also cost a lot more ($3800 minimum for example).

    If you think it will fit into your wedding style and budget, I say go for it!
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    who are you doing it for? do fireworks have meaning to you and your FI or do you just like the idea? i get the draw, but think of all the things you COULD do with that money instead of fireworks... your guests wont miss it

    what about sparklers... much cheaper and a photographer can take a picture of you and your hubby 'drawing' your new name in the air
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    I seriously love fireworks and I've decided I want them at my wedding. We can't have sparklers because the whole area around the lake we are getting married at is leased from the forrest service and it's a no-go. Professional fireworks off the breakwater is looking like it's a go.

    I agree with other posters that you have to have the budget and the scale of the wedding. It was definately not in my budget, but I picked up some extra client work to make it happen. Sort of like a wedding gift to myself. The total cost is about 3k for a 10-12 minute show. We get all the dregs left over from the summer shows as well that didn't light.

    If you've been to a wedding with fireworks what did you think?
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    I think of it as more of a "hey, look at us, look what we did".  Yes, fireworks are fun, but they are expensive and they are dangerous if not left to professionals. As PPs have said, it needs to match the formality of the wedding, but I see those overpriced weddings as the quote I stated above.  To me a wedding is about celebration with family and friends, not a time to out-do and be better than other couples.
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