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Hi Everyone,

This is my first time posting. I updated my guest list on the guest list manager and it did not attach the guests on the A and B list. They are all clumped together and I am freaking out! Does anyone know if I can get it back somehow?

Help Please!

Re: Guest List Manager

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    Unfortunately the knot's guest list manager has lots of issues. I would recommend making an excel spreadsheet on your computer and saving it there. I've heard of some entire guest lists on here completely disappearing. Sorry this happened.

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    Thanks! I figured it was in the response list incase anyone else was wondering!
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    Can I just say that I HATE the new guest list manager?? I was so happy with the old version....and the new version has completely screwed up my list. It's very disorganized and missing a lot of features that the old one had. I'm so disappointed!
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