Celebrations, Bensalem - review?

Anyone ever have a wedding here or been to one there? The pictures look goregous and I have a call in about prices. Just looking for thoughts :)

Re: Celebrations, Bensalem - review?

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    my prom was there... but they have remodeled since then but we did go look there... nice inside, good prices.and alot included in their package.. friends have been to weddings there recently and said it was good! however i do not like that it is on the end of a shopping center but thats just me
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    its nice, but I wouldnt want my wedding there for 2 reasons. (big reasons in my book) we were there in April for a wedding. During the blessings/speeches, all we heard was the blaring music from the wedding next to ours. it was so obnoxious, you literally have no clue what the best man/MOH said. second, the bar was in a seperate room. Most guests hung out by the bar all night and not on the dance floor. HUGE turn off in my opionion. 
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    i went to a wedding there over the summer.... it was nice...not my style... definitely wasnt anything special... the food was great... the chocolate icecream like dessert was fantastic... not sure if they make their own wedding cake but the cake at this wedding was below average, the centerpeices were horrible (they werent fresh flowers so I assume the venue provided them)  There werent people dancing at this wedding either.
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    Thanks for the reviews ladies! I was on the fence becuase of the strip mall idea, but with all the rest I think I might be crossing it off my list!
    Do any of you have any recomendations for places around that area with the same price point or lower?
  • Any new recent thoughts on this location?
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