Need to Vent DB in Westminster

I'm going to start this off by saying, no, I do not expect 100% perfection from a $99 David's Bridal dress. I do, however, expect a vendor to deliver on promises made, no matter whether I pay $99 or $5,000 for a product.

I went dress shopping at DB in Westminster in September and found a really simple a-line dress (with pockets!) on sale for $99 and fell in love. The only problem was that there were a few, 2 inch black scuff marks on the lower, mid-center of the dress. I was worried about them and was ready to say no, until my sales consultant assured me that they would perform a full cleaning when I came in for my alterations. She was certain they could get the black marks out then. I asked her several times if she was sure, and she put my mind at ease.

Fast forward to this past Saturday at my alterations appt. when the seamstress took one look at the dress, tried using some sort of wipe on the scuff marks and then said, "No way I can get those marks out." The seamstress was generally not the easiest person to deal with as it was, but that's another story. I made her bring my consultant in, who then brought in the manager and they both scolded the seamstress for not taking the dress off me and trying harder. The seamstress was upset that the consultant would promise something that could, apparently, not be done. 

Now I'm sitting here waiting on a phone call from them to see if they got the marks out, or found a replacement dress at another store, or if I am going to have to get my money back & go elsewhere and pay a lot more for a dress (which I'm fine with as long as I can find something I love). This is so frustrating because I really loved that dress and have just 3 1/2 months until the wedding. As I said before, I knew I wasn't going to get perfection from David's Bridal, let alone a $99 dress, but I wouldn't have bought it if the consultant was honest and said they marks couldn't be cleaned. I feel like an idiot. Here's hoping this situation has a happy ending....Undecided

Re: Need to Vent DB in Westminster

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    I've had issues with that store too.  I ordered my wedding dress and they called me when it arrived.  I was so excited to try the dress on again I went there that night.  The manager placed me in a room with my dress and told me a consaltant would bring me the slips.  The consaltent brought me the corset and said she would be back in a minute....15-20 minutes later I change back into my clothes and storm out of the store.  The woman never brought the bottom slip or helped me into my dress, she just left me in the room alone while she was talking to her friends up front.

    I went outside and called my fiance and mom, they came down immediately and yelled at the manager for ruining my experience.  I know I have to go back in their to do my alterations, but I'm not really excited about it.  They have really bad costumer service.
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    Laughingalot1618 - Sorry to hear that you've had a bad experience there as well. I'd say go somewhere else for your alterations - don't give them any more of your money. If I wasn't so in love with my dress I would happily get my money back and go somewhere else at this point. If they are able to make things right, I'll be going somewhere else for my alterations. I've had enough.
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    i have heard a lot of bad things about this particular DB and about all of the DB's alterations deparments!

    i hope everything works out for you!
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    That sucks! I've had good luck with the store in LoneTree for orders, but I haven't tried their alterations department. If you're stuck with it, maybe find a different cleaner that can do wedding dresses? They might do a better job than DB.
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    UPDATE: Thank the sweet baby Jebus, it's a friggin bridal miracle!! The alterations department worked for the last 3 days cleaning the dress and got all the marks out except one. The one that's left is so light & small that you'd never notice it unless you got up close & were looking for it. Needless to say I took the dress & ran out of there and will be having it altered elsewhere. So glad the ordeal is over!
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    So glad it worked out for you!! FYI to others going to DB the Aurora store is horrible as well, but I did receive great customer service at the Park Meadows location! Good luck all.
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    So glad they got the marks out of your dress!!

    I've had the worst experience at that same store. The very first time I ever tried on a wedding dress was at that store and they ruined the experience for me. I was left standing in the dressing room wearing these huge dresses that I had no idea how to get off for 10-15 minutes each time because my consultant was off working with another client. Then she would quickly help me out and into another dress then take off again. Then when it came time for me to leave because I had an appt at a different store, she kept bringing me more dresses and took forever to help me out of the one I was wearing. She wouldn't take no for an answer and wouldn't let us leave. My MOH finally just grabbed all of our things and dragged me out.
    Then I thought I'd give them one more chance when it came time to look for BM dresses. I called to make the appointment and told her I had 6 girls and they were all coming with. When we got there, the group of us was left standing at the front of the store for 10 minutes while they tried to track down our consultant. Then they only gave us one dressing room for all 6 girls and never once came over to check on us while the girls were trying on dresses. So frustrating. Then when we all found one we liked, my MOH had to do laps to try and find the lady so we could get some information on the dress. The consultant came face to face with me, locked eyes and I started explaining that we would like her to look up the info for the dress. In the middle of my sentence she turned around and started to walk away! I was so mad, I left the dress on the floor and walked out with my girls.

    I will never step foot in another DB again and will warn everyone against it as well.
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    WE had several issues at that store and contacted the corporate offices.. took 2 weeks for a response and at the end of it they said they would have the store contact me which never happened..i would never recommend goign to that location to anyone!
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