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    LRM, Yes, I agree about Undeclared being too sitcom-y compared to F & G. 

    RA, I did see a few episodes of Dead Like Me and I thought it was pretty good. I completely forgot about that show.

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    LRM- I was thinking the same thing as there is a HUGE difference between being Cancelled and the show coming to an end (LOST, Friends, Sopranos, Seinfeld)

    I also completely agree about Arrested Development! FI and I were late on that show and actually watched it all on Netflix Instant (after it got cancelled) and LOVE LOVE LOVE it, def a show that should have not been cancelled. The only other one I could think of was ROME it was on HBO and was filmed in Rome and was set during Ceaser and post Ceaser, awesome show and amazing actors. Got cancelled due to!

    Mad Men can't get cancelled figure it out AMC figure it out!
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    Any other VM fans???
    Paprika: I like it when you burp in my ear. It really turns me on.

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    RA - I watched VM, not religiously, but it's on netflix so I watch the occasional episode here and there.

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