Update with Job Issue

State is investigating. I am faxing the papers I brought home.
I have a judge looking into the mother.
I am filing a report about the stalking threat tomorrow or Saturday because I have to go to the local department there, it is on record at my local department but it has to go through their local one since that's where it happened.

Thanks for the support.
I start my nanny job tomorrow.

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Re: Update with Job Issue

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    Good for you!
  • teacup0618teacup0618 member
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    Good!-I already commented on this on a different post, but I'm happy for you!
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    Oh my GOD.   I missed your original post and just went back to read it because I wasnt sure what was going on.   HOLY CRAP.  That woman has issues and I hope she gets in a lot of trouble for misusing the gov't funds that are meant to help her children not feed her freaking dog or do the laundry she's too lazy to do.  Wow.  I hope you are doing okay - glad you went to the police for the stalking issue.
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    Yay, congrats! I hope she gets what is coming to her. Let me know how the nanny job goes tomorrow!
  • Amerbutt81Amerbutt81 member
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    Good for you girl!  I am so glad you are standing up to that crazy bish. 
    Please keep us all updated.
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    Well done.

    I was walking around Covent Garden thinking of you and fuming last night.  I was thinking of how hard families had to fight to get hours they really needed and this crazy woman got all these hours.  

    Plus the hours are for the kid and the kid is sure as hell not getting anything out of power washing the house.  
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    Good for you.  Def keep us in the loop.
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    that's really great.
  • teachyoubioteachyoubio member
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    Good for you!  I went back and read the previous post about what was going on and I can't even begin to tell you how angry that makes me.  I have students who legitimately need help, but can't get any help from the state, but these a-holes are using and abusing the assistance.  Good for you for turning them in AND standing up for yourself!
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