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Hi everyone,

New bride-to-be, now in the process of figuring out a venue for summer 2012. Has anyone had any experience with wedding ceremonies and receptions at Sunnyside Pavilion? The beach is beaaaaaaaautiful, and it is very close for all of our guests. How do the costs add up? any info on staff and the coordinators? 

We don't want to spend a great deal of money, actually under $10,000 is our goal. the majority of our wedding will be DIY, as i'm a visual artist and have all the resources I need to make everything just right, for super cheap. we also know many emerging photographers who would do everything on the cheap. Its just the venue and the food that will really do us in, but im willing to put in a little extra for a beautiful place without a hassle..and Sunnyside is gorgeous.

Thanks a million!


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    Are you looking for under $10K as your venue budget or your whole budget?  I think Sunnyside will be under that cost for the space alone, but the catering might add up to more than that.  It is beautiful - I live (or will for another week) right downtown and run by it all the time in the summer.  Best bet would be to contact them and find out all the little details.

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    Sunnyside Pavilion is quite pricey. If you're wanting to keep the entire wedding under 10k you  might have an issue. I believe from when I did my research that you have to rent the outdoor space for the ceremony separately from the reception room.  Both are quite pricey.  If you check out their website you'll be able to get most of the basic prices.

    Are you wanting to have a cocktail or sit down reception? bar or cash bar?  All of these make a difference.
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    we're going to go for a cocktail reception with stationary food rather than passed by servers, in the evening with a limited open bar (wine and beer). we're looking at 10k for the whole budget, but we will have our own music mix for the ceremony and reception, and I'll be making all the decorations and the bouquet, and i'm willing to go super low (under $300) for the dress. As you can see, our biggest priority is the venue and ensuring our guests have a great time. 
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    I'm getting married at Sunnyside Pavilion in June. To keep it under $10, 000 you would need to have pretty incredible caterers. It's minimum $2500 for the venue rental and that doesn't include anything. Not chairs, tables, etc. So it really depends on food and booze and then remember HST. I can give you more info on the staff, coordinators at a later date because we haven't had too much contact yet.
  • Might be late but I just recieved this email as we are also looking at Sunnyside for our wedding next year...

    Our venue guest capacity is 200. The cost of our venue rental is $2500 with our full service packages beginning at $100 per guest.  This is the cost for both the ceremony and the reception.  If you would like more specific pricing please let me know your preferred menu and I would be happy to give you a quote. Menu options can be found at Please let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything else I can assist you with.

    By reading the email I would assume that the quoted $2500 includes the ceremony and the reception but we will see what she says when she responds with a full package.
  • Hi ladies!
    We're looking at Sunnyside for summer of 2012 too, but are a bit concerned about weather and contingency plans based on weather.  What are your thoughts on this? Have you spoken to anyone who's had an event at the venue to hear their feedback?  Also, any thoughts on the quality of the inhouse catering?
    Thanks for your thoughts!
  • i'm looking into the sunnyside pavilion for my 2013 summer wedding, but am having trouble getting in touch with anyone from the venue.  is there anyone out there with contact details for the coordinator?  beyond the email form on the website?

    also, can anyone share their experience re availability of dates for this venue?  am i dreaming to think i might still get a date for 2013 at this point?

    many thanks!
  • Hi ladies. I know it's been awhile since anyone has posted here.
    How did all of your weddings at sunnyside turnout?
    What was the average cost etc?
    I know the rental is $2500. What were the rest of your costs PP?
    I'm looking at using the in house catering and bar service.
    Thank you.
  • Hi!

    My husband and I held our wedding at Sunnyside Pavilion last July. It was such an amazing venue and we really lucked out with the weather. We originally chose the venue because we fell in love with the history and the price was reasonable for what we had in mind. We had 200 guests and a 3 course meal (salad, entree and dessert). We also rented chiavari chairs, palm trees, drapery swags and a premium bar from the hall. Our total price per head including food, bar, rentals, fees, taxes and gratuities came to $203 per person. I know that seems like a lot, but we have yet to go to a wedding that topped our location.  Here are photos from our wedding if you'd like to see them:
    Good luck!

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    Hi Sunny - your photos are GORGEOUS! Did you hire an event planner? Could you share some details about your rentals and decor?

  • Hi ksainthill,

    I did all of the decor and flowers myself. The rentals were the drapery, chairs and palm trees that we rented through Sunnyside Pavillion. All of the vintage decor pieces are from our own collection of antiques and things. Please feel free to contact me through my blog if you have any other questions!

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