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What is everyone doing for their rehersal dinners? I want to do something more budget friendly - but I am not sure what to do! Any ideas? 


  • We're just ordering pizzas to our house and I'm making some desserts: pies and cookies.  Our friends are pretty low key though :P 
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  • As long as you're providing food and beverages you should be fine.  For ours, most of my hubby's side had never really had Filipino food before so we took them to a Filipino restaurant.

    You can always order party trays from the grocery stores or Chinese restaurants like the Mandarin.  That's relatively inexpensive.  Or you can take them to the Mandarin or a similar all you can eat restaurant. As JennLax mentioned, pizza is fine too.
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    We had it at my ILs' house.  They hired caterers to bring in BBQ food - kabobs, grilled shrimp, it was delicious.  We got to provide our own liquor so it was cheaper, and the caterers brought and cleaned up all the food so it was stress-free.  The caterers were a local pub/BBQ restaurant.

    If you wanted to go cheaper then pizza, lasagnes & salad, hamburgers/sausages & pasta salad are great too.

  • We're thinking about Boston Pizza or Jack Astors. 
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