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  • Quoting me did not prove your point. 

    Twisted by sin. Yes. Original sin is a big part of it. This caused concupiscience. This also starts the endless cycle of us inflicting wounds on ourselves and others, which in turn causes more distruction and twisting. 

    This is basic Catholic teaching, 101.  
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    [QUOTE]ITo be quite honest, if the government got out of ALL marriages everyone would be fine. It is because the GOVT bases its guidelines on marriage that we have this problem. The GOVT should get out of the equation altogether. Why should the govt decide that you get certain tax breaks for being "married"? Why can't two "platonic" people living in a household get the same benefits as two "lovers"? Why does it matter if they are in love or not? Why is the GOVT making "love" a criteria? Clearly, the govt has no real standards for what consititutes a marriage anyway... The fight should be aimed at the govt for setting up these structures and NOT on religious groups for having their beliefs.
    Posted by Riss91[/QUOTE]

    Riss... I'm speechless. This is *exactly* what I've been trying to verbalize about marriage and I want to copy and share this with everyone I know. You rock and have a much better handle on words than I ever will! :)
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  • In response to OP - I think FB is a really terrible venue to profess beliefs and/or try to defend beliefs. People post things just to start arguments, and it is easy for things to get out of control. Though I can respect the idea that disproving others misconceptions on the Catholic faith may seem like the right thing to do, it is also difficult to fully understand why or how someone is being so negative. I think, what I think others have also said (though this discussion has been tough to track) that compassion is key. Finding the balance between being a defender of the faith and being a compassionate child of God is definitely essential. In essence, I think I agree with what you originally stated.
  • caradi - very well put. And on that note, I'm closing the thread. Thanks ladies!
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