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How long before the shower should you register? My shower is in May and everyone keeps telling me I need to do this. I was planning on waiting til April because my fear is if i do it now some things may get discontinued. Thoughts?

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    6 - 8 weeks prior should be ample time. Registering was one of DH's favorite wedding related excursions. He took total control of the scanner gun LOL
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    I would do it as soon as possible for multiple reasons:

    1.  people LOVED using our registry for other gift-getting reasons (we got e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g we registered for because we got things for christmas/birthdays/valentines day/easter/etc.etc.  

    2.  as a guest I don't want to have to plan to go shopping a week before the shower/wedding - I want to be able to look at things, figure out what I want, come back to them, etc. and not feel like I have to do it on *your* time line.

    3.  People like to wait for sales/coupons/bonus-buy days, etc. and by limiting their shopping time you're limiting their spending flexibility.

    4.  Where are you registering that things will be discontinued in a matter of 2 months??  And if it happens, KEEP ON TOP OF IT and change things here and there if things do leave the registry due to discontinued things.

    5.  It took us multiple visits to register - it wasn't just a one-day event.  You could do silverware, dishes, and table linens now.  Then another day do your glasses and decorative items.  Another day bar ware and sheets, etc.
    Don't limit yourself to a small time frame either.

    6.  MOST IMPORTANTLY:  If people who plan on buying you things are telling you to register now DO IT NOW.  The registry is for THEM to buy you want you want.  I know that because of my schedule if I was going to a May shower I would be shopping in the next few weeks because things always pop up and I wouldn't want to run out of time.  If you weren't registered as of now, you'd be getting whatever I decided to buy you whether you wanted it or not.  

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    hhmmm thanks ladies. Its not that I would be registering for things that I knew would discontinue. However I went to 2 showers last year and with the change of seasons, things were just discontinued. I was aggravated that everything I would have wanted to buy was no longer available (i.e her whole towel and kitchen set). Its more so co-workers and such asking me if I did yet, not people who would really be buying me anything. Plus, its much harder for me to think of things to register for. We bought a house 5 months ago and pretty much had to buy all new things.
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