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A friend and co-worker is getting married this winter in a traditional Korean wedding back home in Korea.  My coworkers and I want to get him and his wife (they had a US wedding last year) and nice gift for the happy couple.  Are there traditional gifts that are given in Korean weddings?  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!  TIA!

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Re: Traditional Korean Wedding Gifts

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    Hi Bookworm :)
    I know one typical gift for Korean couples is a pair of wooden wedding ducks.
    But I'm honestly not sure if it is typically a family gift, etc.
    Hopefully someone else will see your post & help me out with that part. :)
    I think it's very thoughtful of all of you to want to help celebrate their marriage.
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    wedding ducks are traditionally given by the groom's family to the couple. they are sometimes used in the wedding ceremony itself.  honestly, most people in korea just give money. if i were you, i'd just give another registry item or something you would normally give as a wedding gift.
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    Indeed, cash inside a card is most common.  :-)
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    I think it's funny that everyone is saying cash.  My fiance is half korean, and all his Korean relatives are just giving us a bunch of cash. He told me that's what his relatives usually do for weddings.   I'm sure you can give them traditional wedding gifts if want.  I'm sure they will be happy with whatever you get them.  :)
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    My Fi is Korean and we visited his family in Korea back in February.  His family gave us the wedding ducks and a bride & groom figurine.  See the link below for the wedding ducks that are similar to what we received. The color of the ducks are very traditional and they are suppose to have the string tied around the bills. I am sure their family in Korea will give them these items, so i recommend chopstick rest (2nd link) or anything to do with turtles (I don't know if that is a Korean thing but his mom has turtle pairs everywhere in her house). But money is alway good.
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