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A 10K wedding....is it possible??

Hi! My parents are giving us 10K towards are wedding, obivious I"m saving $$ as well, I'm looking at venues, and photographers, etc, and I see that venues are pretty pricey and just booking a venue will cost about 10K. Is anyone here working with a small budget? I'm very grateful that my parents are giving me 10K, I just feel overwhelmed that 10K may not stretch to far. I don't have alot saved currently just 350.00 dollars, I'd like to save around 1,000 to 1,500 dollars on my own with the help of my FI of course. My mom said she is already paying for my dress, which is so great. all ideas are welcome, my FI really likes getting married down by the beach, I was checking venues and its really pricey.

Re: A 10K wedding....is it possible??

  • Hi and yes the beach type wedding are a bit pricey most ppl that I've talked with about wedding costs and venues are all looking at 15,000 plus for anything nice or you can look into booking a nice restaurant for a reception HTH...

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  • Hi! That's my budget, and it's totally doable. You'd have to look into unconventional options (such as parks/restaurants) and the such. 

    Look into Virginia Key Beach as a venue option. They rent their pavillion for a nominal fee, and you just have to bring in catering/rentals. Just keep this in mind with your budget, stick to venue at or under 1200. 

    Let me knwo if you need specific recos regarding photography/florals/hair/make up and wedding planning!

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  • It's totally doable but keep in mind food may be your biggest cost so keep in mind to limit your guest list. Restaurants are great choices and you won't have to bother with much decor or linens.
  • Yes, it is possible!! We have same budget and we are paying it ourselves. I agree with Dania and try having a small wedding. And think about what's important to you. If It's the photos then put the most into that. We are having a 70 guest list with only a MOH and a BM. We are also having it at a restaurant. Hope that helps.
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  • where exactly are you looking for a venue. i know of one, as long as its under 50 guests that could totally be within your budget and its on the beach. i also know of one thats on the intercoastal thats within your budget too -- both are in broward.
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