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Hockey theme Reception...HELP!!

We are having a traditional ceremony and a hockey theme reception.  Unfortunately Nate and I dont love the same team therefore using team colors don't work for us :(  I googled "hockey theme wedding" and didn't get much. I am looking for ideas on decor, centerpieces, favors etc. we have the invites picked out thankfully.

Pease, if you have seen any good ideas, let me know!!

Thanks in advance!

Re: Hockey theme Reception...HELP!!

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    If your wedding is in the spring or early summer, perhaps you could incorporate the Stanley Cup into your decor, as it'll be playoff season. What about black and white stripes, to represent the refs?
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    We had a hockey theme and both don't root for the same team.  But we used the colors and it worked out great.

    We used Orange and Yellow for Isle's/Bruins, and we did the Bruins grooms cake which was a hockey puck!!
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    I love sports, but we aren't using it in our wedding. I just like to check this board from time to time.

    Maybe get some engagement pics in the winter, with each of you wearing your favorite teams sweaters? Maybe hold hockey sticks. Then you can have these displayed on your save-the-dates and use the pics as your table numbers? Maybe stage some pictures with gloves off, pulling a jersey up like a real hockey fight?

    You want to be careful with themes like this though, because it can start to look like a kid's birthday party. But I'm sure you could find mini-hockey sticks in plastic, use them somewhere, have a groom's cake shaped like a hockey stick or helmet, etc.

    Good luck.

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    My FI and I met because of hockey and we both play so we threw some ideas around.  I'll type them up for you:

    - Guest book: have guests sign wooden hockey sticks.  Either cut some to make a frame or use the mini hockey sticks
    - Instead of clinking glasses, guests need to get a puck into the goal (obviously a mini sized goal and maybe a street hockey puck)
    - I have friends who have been to a wedding where the favor was a hockey a puck with the wedding date and bride and groom's names on them ... we're still playing with these pucks haha!
    - My FI also coaches hockey and they were given keychain hockey stick bottle openers for gifts - these come in handy a lot
    - There is furniture that can be made with hockey sticks and pucks: some easy ones are frames, coat racks, easels
    - You can enter the reception under hockey sticks - like what the marines do with their swords
    - If you google "Cake boss" images, I've seen a cake that looks like a hockey skate
    - For music, don't forget We are the champions (reminds me a Mighty Ducks everytime), and some music from Youngblood, Miracle, and SlapShot

    What teams are your fav's?

    PM if you're interested in more ideas.  I know my FI and I can think of some more :-)
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    FI and I root for the same team. This is what we're doing or might be doing.
    I plan on having a white away jersey with our last name and the wedding date. I'm also wearing a Colorado Avalanche garter. I really need to get on ordering that.

    You could always name the tables after different teams. I know some people use flowers for centerpieces so maybe have the colours be your team colours and his team's colours. Give out mini sticks for favours?
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    I would suggest not focusing on specific teams as much as focusing on the sport itself. So incorporating sticks and nets and pucks wherever possible. There are some really cute suggestions here. Pucks could also be used as place cards and using a silver sharpie or something write each guests name on them. You could also incorporate hockey playing cards for things like name cards or make fake cards with pictures of the two of you instead. Also, if it is during the Stanley cup, and there is a game on, having a tv set up for after dinner would always be a nice touch.
    Best of luck!
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    We both play hockey and that is how we met so we did a few hockey things for our wedding:

    -we had a hockey jersey made with our last name and wedding date and had everyone sign it with a sharpie instead of a guest book, we then had it framed and it is on the wall in our house.  

    -for favors, we had chocolate hockey pucks and hockey sticks made up.  we were originally going to do hockey pucks with our name/wedding date, but honestly, what would people do with those that don't play hockey so we abandoned that idea and did the was a big hit.

    -when we were introduced at the reception, we walked in and our BP held up hockey sticks and we walked under them.

    -our cake topper was made just for us, by a lady on etsy.  It was us in our hockey uniforms.  I sent the lady pics and she made the cake topper look just like us.  It was great!

    Hope this helps!
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    I LOVE the idea of the signed jersey!! We are HUGE NY Ranger fans and my fiance is a goalie for an ice hockey team. We are having a Rangers ice sculpture but wanted to incorporate more hockey ideas into the wedding but without going overboard. This is awesome, where did you order your Jersey from? Also we are expecting about 200-230 people, I guess I would get an xlarge one so there is alot of room to sign!

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    We met at a Devils game, got engaged at a Devils game and chose to use red, white and black as our colors. A friend of ours designed our table numbers to look like the back of Devils jerseys. We got hockey pucks with our names and wedding date and used those as escort cards. We walked in with the BMs holding their flowers and the guys holding hockey sticks. Also took our pics at  the Pru Center.

    Suggestions if you go a "generic" NHL hockey theme you could consider having your table numbers look like the back of jerseys of the various teams - one for each table. You could even consider changing up flower colors for each team for centerpieces.

    You could consider the pucks as escort cards or favors.

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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Hockey theme Reception...HELP!!</a>:
    [QUOTE]GOALIEGIRL- I LOVE the idea of the signed jersey!! We are HUGE NY Ranger fans and my fiance is a goalie for an ice hockey team. We are having a Rangers ice sculpture but wanted to incorporate more hockey ideas into the wedding but without going overboard. This is awesome, where did you order your Jersey from? Also we are expecting about 200-230 people, I guess I would get an xlarge one so there is alot of room to sign!
    Posted by dawnmarie1279[/QUOTE]
    We had about 175 people and bought a goalie size jersey and there was plenty of room it is in a huge frame but it is so cool!!     when we had the jersey out at the reception, I made a sign for people to "autograph" our was a big hit.

    As for ordering the jersey, we just went to the pro shop at the rink where we play alot and ordered through them.  We just got a basic white jersey with black numbers.   nothing too crazy.
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    I just came across this topic!  I'm also doing a hockey themed wedding.  My fiance and I met through the Blackhawks.  So many great ideas thrown around in here :)  We're doing a lot of similar things, like basing our decor around the team colors.  We're also using the invitations and programs from  For our tables, we're naming them after famous Hawks players (and numbering them as well for our "non hockey" guests).  We're also lucky enough to have a good friend of the family who makes wedding cakes for a living...and she's building us a Stanley Cup wedding cake...white with red roses.  I'll have to post pictures in the future!  We're not doing favors, because quite frankly they don't appeal to us.  Instead, we're taking the money budgeted for them and making a donation to the Blackhawks Charities.  Keep the great ideas coming in here!  Never can have too many :)
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    Just happened to stumble across this topic! Such cute ideas. We met through hockey and our lives really revolve around it. My fiance is actually a hockey referee and we are incorporating hockey into our upcoming wedding. We are thinking about using a ref sweater with our last name as our "guest book". We are also probably going to use pucks as escort cards. Trying to come up with other ideas.. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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    me and my fiance are both Avalanche fans it was our second date. and we dedided to plan our wedding with our hockey team in mind. we chose our color as royal blue and maroon. and were having the reception as an avalache theme. what ideas do you two have for center pieces. and anything else you could think of. and were getting married july 11 2014
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    Where did you get the table numbers that look like the back of hockey jerseys?
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    My FI has been playing hockey for the past 20 years, and is also an avid Pens fan. I told him if we could go on a cruise for our honeymoon, we could do anything hockey he would like for the reception... I have totally fallen in love with the ideas that he has had, and have came up with my own... We are going to walk into the reception under the sticks of his teammates, we will also be wearing customized Pens jerseys over our wedding attire with our last name and his hockey number. We plan on buying jerseys for the wedding party, as well. Of course, our colors are black and yellow (those are his teams colors, as well as the Pens colors). I have found an adorable wedding topper with a hockey player and a girl with a sign thst says #1 fan, and our favors are going to be personalized pucks, and the garter is going to be Pens themed.
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