CVNP costs?

Hi, does anyone know the average prices to have a reception at the Happy Days lodge in the Cuyahoga Valley national park?  I just started looking at places for next year.  We are thinking of doing a justice of the peace on a sat morning and then having a Sunday wedding reception possibly.  We already have a daughter, so I'm not really into having a big wedding.

Thanks for any help with this!!

Re: CVNP costs?

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    I actually was ready to book Happy Days Lodge until someone else took my date. I didn't really like the way they book their events. I am having a wedding in June of 2012 and in order to book, (you can't book over a year in advance) I had to call on June 1st at 9AM and try to get through to book it. Needless to say, I don't have a venue now and I'm down to slim pickings most likely. But if you plan on doing a Sunday bash, you may be more likely to get your date. It's just a stress factor to add on.

    Now for pricing, I know it's $2,000 to rent the facility. Then another $125 if you plan on having alcohol. They have a set list of caterers but you can bring your own for a $600 fee. They have a wide range of caterers so you can get a plate for around $17-$50+. So really, the average price all depends on what meal you choose and how you plan on decorating and whatnot. Plus the chairs that come with the venue are very business-esque and you may want to switch those out.

    Hope this helps!
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