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Kleinfeld Bridal Giveaway Day 5!


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  • I got engaged at the same sushi restaurant that we had our first date on new years : been engaged 8 months and 31days
  • I have been engaged for 13 months and still have 7 months until the wedding March 23, 2013. My fiance proposed at the lake we went to on one of our first dates.
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  • We got engaged at our university post office and have been engaged since January 29, 2011 (we're getting married 12/1/12 so it'll be not quite two years of engagement! We've been dating since May 2007 <3 )

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    [QUOTE]It is the last day of our week long Kleinfeld giveaways! Since it is Friday, we wanted to end the week big. Today you have the chance to win the “Off the Market” hoodie. It is beyond adorable, and I want it in every color. 3 winners will be picked at random. Answer these questions to enter: Where did you get engaged? How long have you been engaged? Giveaway details:   Answer the questions on this board and be automatically entered to win one of 3 “Off the Market ” hoodies. Contest will run from Friday, August 31th at 10:00am EST to Friday, August   31st at 11:59pm. Winners must live within the United States. Have you checked out The Kleinfeld Bridal Shop yet? <a href="http://shop.kleinfeldbridal.com/" rel="nofollow">http://shop.kleinfeldbridal.com/</a>
    Posted by Knot Lili[/QUOTE]
  • I got engaged on Valentine's day of this year! Because he knows how much I love fortune cookies my fiance wrote a beautiful message and put it inside a huge lady fortunes fortune cookie. When I opened it..I read it and turned around, saw him on his knee.It was the sweetest day of my entire life, I was so surprised!!!
  • Where did you get engaged?
    On the beach in Southold, New York after my fiance convinced me there was buried treasure there when my family brought back a hanful of ancient coins (I know, I'm a little gullible) and I found my beautiful ring with a metal detector buried in the sand.

    How long have you been engaged?

    We have been engaged for 14 months and our wedding is just 4 more months away!

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    I got engaged inmy fianc and i's favorite city Chicago in July 2010. We have waited over 2 years for him to finish his residency and pass his board exams! We are finally tying the knot this September 22nd! Can't wait to marry the best man I know! :
  • We got Engaged 1 year and 1 month ago today! She proposed at dawn in our backyard after our first big fight as a couple. We live in Taneytown, MD and are patiently waiting for the gay marriage bill to pass so we can finally get married!!!!!
  • We got engaged 2 months ago in Rome Italy :
  • James and I got engaged on our 12 year anniversary at ocean city, Md. We have been engaged since May 21 2011. We have been engaged for 15 months and we only have 49 days tip we get married. October 20 2012. Cant wait to be his wife.
  • Where did you get engaged? I got engaged at the casino my Fi and I reenacted our first date . went to see the same person, had dinner at the same location, he then brought me back to where we stood during the last concert and proposedLaughing <3

    How long have you been engaged? I have been engaged 11 months and 6 days Tongue Outand today marks our 1 year mark till we get married :)


    TTC starting 8/2014 :)

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  • We got engaged in the smokey mountains in tennessee, where we first vacationed together. Weve been engaged since july 25, 2010 and will be married april 10, 2013. On our 10 year anniversary 3
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  • Where did you get engaged? We got engaged on Dec. 27, 2011 under the Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center!

    How long have you been engaged? We've been engaged for 8 months and we are getting married at The Palace at Somerset Park in NJ on July 12, 2013.
  • My fianc proposed May 27, 2012 at a Memorial Day cookout in his parents backyard. He gave the ring box to my 3year old son, and recorded the whole thing as my son can and placed the box in my lap. He hadn't told anyone he was doing it, so in the video you can see/hear how surprised and excited we all were! I loved his proposal! Our wedding is to take place June 22, 2013 in our hometown!
  • Where did you get engaged? Our bedroom. My fiance had asked my father for my hand earlier that day and had mentioned that he hoped I didn't find out; my fathers response was "Well, you know our family, once one person knows, we all know!" My fiance was too scared I would know before he asked me with his plan, and couldn't wait any longer. He asked me as soon as we got home.

    How long have you been engaged?3 months

  • We got engaged in Myrtle Beach, SC (which is where we met) in a helicopter over the ocean on August 8, 2011 :)

    We have been engaged for a little over a year now!
  • I got engaged at OBX in June 2011! Been engaged 14 months!!
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    I got engaged on my 30th birthday this past July, my fiance proposed while we were on vacation in Ocean City, NJ. He did it on the beach at night. It was very sweet. I was a little sad about leaving my 20's behind but he made me forget all about that and made it the most special/ memorable birthday to date :) 
  • Where did you get engaged? We got engaged in his grandparent's living room while watching "My Redneck Wedding"

    How long have you been engaged? We have been engaged since April 2011.

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  • We got engaged in Cocoa Beach, Fl where our relationship began.

    We have been engaged since 11-11-11 and are getting married 12-28-12 at a 1920s estate on the Sarasota Bay.
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    Ryan asked me to marry him on a dinner cruise ship on Lake Michigan! The DJ asked the two of us to start off the dancing for the evening, infront of everyone he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. We have been engaged for 459 days. We are getting married in 7 days!!!!
  • I have been engaged for just over a month. We got engaged on a very small peninsula that we kayaked to with Blind Sodus Bay on one side and Lake Ontario on the other.
  • In front of the Wildwoods sign on the Wildwood Boardwalk, NJ. Total surprise! After, we hit the photobooth to highlight the excitement :)

    We are a week away from 5 months of being engaged and are looking forward to our 10/12/2013 wedding!

  • At home 6 months
  • Where did you get engaged?
    My finace proposed to me on our annaul trip to Vegas. We always take one night for just us and do dinner and a show before reuniting with whatever friends or seeing my family that lives in Vegas. He told me the morning of that he made dinner reservations, I thought this was normal, it was our things. So after getting ready, he took me to Top of the World resturant. While waiting for our table, we were looking out over the whole city of Vegas. He turned to me and before I knew it, he was down on one knee asking me to marry him.
    (The picture below is from the night he propsed. There was a photographer on site)

    How long have you been engaged?
    We have been engaged almost three months. We are getting married on August 24th, 2013! 

  • We got engaged at his house. We have been engaged for two months.
  • We got engaged at his grandparents house in front of both our entire families on Christmas Eve of 2011. Once he had everyone's attention, he got down on one knee and said "I told you I would do this one way or another..." and asked me to marry him! He's totally the shy type, so it wa a big deal for me that he did it in front of everyone. We're still debating on October 2014 or October 2015, because we want to finish school first, but we have been together since I was 16, so all this waiting is driving me crazy!
  • In Response to Kleinfeld Bridal Giveaway Day 5!:

    I have been engaged since New Years of this year, so about 8ish months! My sweet hubby to be knew how unique I want everything in my life to be and so on our trip to Las Vegas he proposed on the gondola ride we took through the Venetian hotel with his brother and sister-in-law on the side watching!  It was such a blessing!
  • I got engaged in my bedroom! Lol I had picked out the ring earlier that day and my fianc said he was going to surprise me and ask when I least expected it! I walked into my bedroom and there he was on one knee! We have been engaged since December 10, 2010 and we will be getting married October 13, 2012.
  • We got engaged at Pleasure Island, Port Arthur, Texas. We have been engaged since July 23, 2011.

  • I got engaged at a wine tasting, on 91011 and we just got married 72812!
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