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  • We got engaged in June 09, but I wanted to join in on the fun :). Congrats to everyone! :)

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  • Lets try this again....
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  • I got engaged Christmas 2008 but I wanted to share as well.

    with wedding band :)
    Anniversary Photobucket
  • It will knock your eyeballs out if you stare at it for too long, and no little African children had to die in mines for it!

    Thank you Brilliant Earth & my fiance!

  • It is a cushion cut with a halo- i am SOOO in love with it
  • Just got engaged New Years Eve!

  • Nataliem, I think we are engagement ring buddies!
  • I got engaged in September.  My fiance was very particular about the ring and he picked a beautiful one.  A Tacori oval diamond with surrounding pave.
  • Oooh, I get to be the newbie on the board! We officially got engaged the 12th of December (graduation and a proposal all in one day!) but his original plan was to propose on Christmas day. I guess he just couldn't wait :D

    Stock photo:

  • My now fiance proposed on December 22nd at the National Christmas Tree in DC. Totally surprised me and so romantic too! 

  • We got engaged on December 19th, 1 1/2 years after we first started dating.  He surprised me with a Tacori ring that I absolutely LOVE!!!  I can't get a great picture on my hand but here is the online pic!

  • sarahsmile, my ring is super similar to yours! one round main diamond, one smaller on each side, then channel diamonds halfway round the band. We got engaged December 5!
    March 3, 2012
  • I am not newly engaged, we got engaged in April, but I love my ring so much I wanted to show it off too!  My FI designed it himself, it is just so perfect!  The first pic is what my FI based the design on, so it is similar to this.  The second pic is of my actual ring, it is one of the only pics I have that really shows the ring!

  • why thank you ms marymac! 

    he completely surprised me, and then took my breath away when he told me it was not only TACORI, but its also 3 carats!!!

    he did great!!! He asked me in front of my whole family, so everyone knew... all i had to do was spread the word to friends. 

    it was perfect, cant wait to say "I Do" in November!Kiss
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    My fella had this custom made for me. I love it so much!

    It's a little hard to see in this pic, but the base is made of two wings wrapped around a lovely center diamond, with a few chips on a  diagonal between the wings.

    (Small backstory - When the two of us met, we were both wearing the same wing-styled pendant that is made by 1 small volume jeweler in the US; it's a HUGE coincidence that we both had it! The pendant has since become my tattoo.)

  • I took this photo of it with after struggling with the digital camera. What is it with cameras and diamonds?  The top is the engagement ring and thebottom is the  wedding band we've picked.
    Boy/Girl Twins due 5/27/13
  • jeanieg, that looks VERY similar to the ring BF and I picked out.  Neat. :D

  • Thomas and I got engaged on 12/14/2009, my birthday. I can't wait until 4/30/2011! 

  • December 22, 2009 at Disney World, my favorite place in the whole world. I'm the luckiest girl in the world...I cant wait to marry my prince charming.
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    Here is my engagement ring.. The setting is an antique with gorgeous filigree, and the stone is a 1.55ct pleiochromatic sapphire from Montana--it changes colors depending on the light. Gunmetal blue to aqua. It's absolutely perfect. He picked the setting, but we bought the stone together at a gem show while on vacation in California, so it's very special to us. He proposed during the fireworks at Disney in November. :)

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    I got engaged on October 31st...Halloween lol it's strange but a special holiday for me I loves my ring!! It's a blue sapphire kite set with two pear shaped diamonds framing the sapphire, with channel set bagettes. On the sides are channel set round diamonds. It sounds like a lot but altogether it looks awesome. I love how the sapphire makes the points on the pear shaped diamonds stand out.

    And one more

  • We got engaged about a month ago, but I helped design the ring so we were unofficially engaged a while before that.  Wedding is October 2, 2010 in Beaver Creek, Colorado.  By the way, this is a GREAT thread idea!

  • We got engaged in October and I really wanted to go with something elegant yet unique.  We decided on a pearl.  :)

    His is a black and grey titanium.

  • We got engaged in Disney World back in May of '09! He went out of his comfort zone hahaha! I love it!!!

  • NickiAyon2B, my ring is from Brilliant Earth too!!  I'm in love twice over!!
  • One day looking through a jewelry magazine I saw a beautiful trillion cut amethyst ring. I thought the trillion cut on a ring looked amazing. He remembered, and when he decided to propose got this ring designed for me. Very simple, a solitaire, I love it.

  • I took this picture on my phone rigt after we got engaged. It's not the best picture of it, but I love my ring!
  • I got engaged in August 2009, but what the heck right! :)

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