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  • This is one of 19 rings I got when he proposed. He sent me on a savanger hunt and with every correct answer I got an upgrade on my ring. The other rings were costume jewelery.  He had this ring custom made for me because he couldn't find any that had a round diamond center and princess cut on each side. He did a great job! We just need to figure out what kind of band with go with it.

  • I got engaged on November 17, 2009, while in Paris.  My fianc is one amazing man!!  I am so excited for my October 16, 2010 wedding day!
  • I got engaged on September 12, 2008...and i adore my ring bc most rings have side stones  that stop right at the center stone, however the stones on my band continue completely underneath the center stone. looove it!

  • Engaged January 3rd, 2010!  It's not here just yet, and I so can't wait, but here she is!

  • MrsElletson, that is gorgeous!  Where'd you/he find it?
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  • My ring is an orange sapphire, surrounded my diamonds. Not the best pic, but it's all I have :)

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    We got engaged October 2nd, but I got my ring on Dec. 18. He had it custom made and surprised me, I was speechless!!
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  • Allison...your setting looks like mine(crazy!) lol nice taste? Did he go to Jared's too??
  • This is such a fun post!  I've enjoyed looked at everyone's beautiful rings :-)  We've been engaged since June - getting married Aug. 7th.

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  • Mutley - I love your ring! Absolutely gorgeous!!

    Oh and here's mine! =) We got engaged on November 19th and are thinking of a September 2011 date. I couldn't decide which picture to post... sorry =( It is a princess cut with side stones that go up the setting on all four sides (as you can maybe see in the third picture). I absolutely love it but I do love my fiance more ;)

  • Been engaged for a while, but the man wanted to make it official in front of the entire family and proposed on Christmas Day with the dream that is orginal.  :-)
  • I got my dream ring! My engagement and ring were both a surprise as I always wanted to be caught off guard.  I was alittle nervous letting him pick out my ring by himself, but I wanted to be completely surprised. I had offered a few suggestions in the past when the topic of marriage had first come up. I mentioned I wanted a princess cut, no diamonds on the band and I hardly wanted to see the prongs on the stone and he was able to pick out the most perfect ring. I immediately fell in love with it and was super impressed at the setting he chose, something I never thought of. He did the most amazing job!

  • All of your rings are beautiful! Congrats, ladies!  I got mine on Christmas morning :) It's also a halo style.

  • Her'e's my bling.  I'm feeling kind of left out since I never posted my bling.  I got engaged last Thanksgiving and getting married this September.  Laughing
  • We got engaged at the end of September... I got exactly what I wanted!  Custom made Asscher in a split-crown pave setting.  Just divine!  So unique!  I marvel at it every day. A friend told my fiance exactly what I wanted, so he was able to surprise me with it. 


  • My partner and I went to a jeweler together in October but he didn't finally pop the question until New Years Eve... I was getting nervous for a while there! My grandmother's diamond with our birthstones (him=sapphire me=aquamarine) channel set on each side in white gold. Working with the jeweler was stressful (you don't get to see what it looks like until it's already done!) but the uniqueness was definitely worth it.
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    May 15, 2010 <3
    Wish I had better lighting!  Had to take it with my iphone.  The pic does it no justice.  I love my ring!!!

  • Recently engaged on December 19th! We spent some time looking at rings together and when it came time to it he ended up falling in love with the ring I ABSOLUTELY LOVED! Princess cut center diamond with pave set round diamond half way around :) I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with him, I've always known he was a keeper Wink Better pictures to come!
  • i cant get the uploader to work! i clicked browse, selected the picture, and clicked save. and clicked save. and clicked save. and waited. and clicked save. and nothing.

    anyway, my ring is a princess cut solitaire. and totally gorgeous!
  • well I'm already married...but planning to renew our vows in 2011. ill be upgrading toa larger center stone soon! woo hoo
  • Hard to take the pic! not the best pic but i love it its beautiful he did a phenominal job picking it out! got engaged in April getting married this May!!
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    Everyone's rings are beautiful :)  Here's mine:

  • my gosh, such beautiful rings.  We all have some amazing fella's out there!
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  • Got Engaged in Venice under Rialto Bridge! Its the Harry Winston Micro Pave "The One" ring!! We didnt even look at rings! He did a GREAT job : )
  • Got Engaged in Venice under Rialto Bridge! Its the Harry Winston Micro Pave "The One" ring!! We didnt even look at rings! He did a GREAT job : )
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