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       We got engaged in August, but I haven't posted a picture of my ring.  I love it!

    My fiancé and I spent the day riding our motorcycle.  He proposed while the sun was rising over the lake in the town where we first met.  It was absolutely wonderful!

  • Sorry it's so fuzzy.  Has a matching wedding band too!
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    My center stone is a 100 year old family heirloom.

  • mine is a robbins bros! I actually wasn't too keen on it at first.  It took me about two weeks to appreciate the modern swirl on it. But I have received so many great compliments and I LOVE it now!

     more pics in bio
  • I read a post online somewhere about "showing off" the engagement ring. So after about an hour - this was the best shot!

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  • engaged in early october, quick and casual wedding late october , the formal ceremony will be on our first anniversary, lots of planning still aheadSealed
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    I LOVE MY 1 Carat Marquise Cut RING!!!!

  • We are getting married 10/10/10

  • I do not like diamonds so he bought my birthstone 8 1/4 carat blue topaz with black diamonds surrounding it - picture does not do justice - I LOVE it!!

  • He designed it with the jeweler himself!  Original style is from Parade line.

    Radiant cut center stone with 2 rounds flanking it ~.10 points.  Then two yellow marquis in an east west setting ~.16 points each (yellow's my favorite color).  The band is covered in micro-pave that go around the marquise and up the prongs.  The band that touches my skin is yellow gold, diamonds all set in white except the two marquise. All the gold is family gold from his and my families old wedding sets.
  • Just got mine on January 18th, official proposal is coming in March in NYC  :)

  • We got engaged in October and I just love my ring.  His mom gave him a heart shaped diamond that I wasn't too keen on at first but I just love it in the setting he picked out.

  • Picture

    stock photo w/ wedding ring:

    8677352.jpg picture by mbcdefg

  • Engaged 1/5/10! FI chose right...I love three stone!

  • My ring! :D I've had it for a little over a month but I still can't help but show it off. It was everything I wanted and more. And he picked it out all by himself! (Well, I guess he did have a little help from his mom, haha. That and I told him a while back that I preferred emeralds to diamonds and white gold to yellow gold, but whatever!)

    It's a little hard to tell in these pictures because they aren't the best quality (I took them myself) but the main stone is a natural emerald and a lot darker in person. If you look closely, there are two small diamonds on either side of the emerald as well. The band has a twisted/knotted design on the sides which reminded me on a Claddagh ring (I thought this, along with the emerald, was very fitting for me considering I'm over 50% Irish).

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  • I have had my ring for a while now, but I still love it everytime I see it :)  I can't wait to get to wear my band with it!!
  • I'm not a diamond girl, so I absolutely ADORE my ring!  The 1ct. amethyst means so much to me - it's my, my sister's, and my god-daughter's birthstone.

    The ring was originally supposed to be in white gold, but the FI ordered it wrong.  However, he decided to propose with the yellow gold and give me the option if I wanted him to send it back for the white gold.  I fell in love with how the amethyst looked against the yellow gold, and told him in no uncertain terms that I wanted to keep it!

  • I love my ring!  The diamond was hand cut between 1910-1920 and was originally in a tie pin until my grandfather met my grandmother and he had it turned into her engagement ring.  She passed it on to me and my FI and I had it set in the ring of my choice.  FI plays the trumpet and lives for music, so I thought this was a fitting picture to take. 

  • Here is my ring! He did a good job :)

  • I LOVE my ring.  My fiancé designed it off of this picture.  The only things that are different are that he  didn’t do the small diamonds around the center stone and I only have diamonds on the side of the setting (not on the top of the band).  I’m not sure if that makes sense??  It’s a 2.0 carat colorless diamond!  It’s amazing…I don’t have my own pictures.  I feel like I’m the only person who didn’t take pictures of her ring.  I guess I’m weird. HaHa!

  • I love my ring. It's a lot smaller than all of yours but he took my grandmother's engagement ring diamond (.6 carat - coal miner's daughter) and had it set in the type of band that I love. Recently, I got it appraised and the diamond is actually perfectly cut and perfectly colorless so we completely lucked out on quality. But even if we hadn't it - the sentimental value is priceless.

     this is the original ring - only .4 carat diamond... so mine has no gap at all within the halo.

    the night of my engagement.
    It helps that I have the tiniest fingers in the world.
  • I absolutely LOVE my ring....it's soooo me! Wedding in June and I'm getting my band customized to fit this perfect ring.

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    Here is my ring - just a stock picture. The picture does it no justice but i really love this ring. I picked it because of its looks but also because its traditional but yet has a slight "twist" on the side (my opinion). We got engaged 2/12/2010 while on vacation in Denver, CO

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  • disney

    proposal  christmas eve 2010

  • This thread was so much fun to look through!

    I took this pic when I picked up my band. I get to wear it in just over 2 weeks!

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  • Mine is an estate piece. I adore it!

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