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Everyone loves to see the bling.  So post up your engagement rings.  =)  Also, tell us the story behind the ring.  Did he pick it out?  Did you pick it out together?  Just your style?  Or...maybe not so much?

Re: Show Off Your Rings!

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    My E-Ring (I love the more vintage-look so this ring was perfect for me.)  FI and I picked it out together.

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    It is a Scott Kay "crown setting" - princess cut 3 stone. I LOVE it! :) I picked it out with my sisters and gave him the information.
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  • My engagement ring! 2 carat asscher-cut. He knew the style that I liked, and had been working with an estate jeweler. He got the center stone off of an estate piece and had it set in a conflict-free setting :)

  • Princess cut center stone with small round channel set diamonds along the top on either side of the center stone and on both sides of the gallery.  I love the antique look!  I picked out the ring myself and then showed it to my FI. 

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  •  I love it he proposed without, the next week we went got it made. I LOVE IT. It's 1 ct center stand high not huge but i like quality over quantity!
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    I was completely surprised by my ring and proposal. I had no idea what I wanted in a ring other than platinum and something totally unique. My FH got it totally right - he designed the ring himself and worked with a jeweler friend to create the ring. It is platinum set with 71 white diamonds, 41 green diamonds, and 3 larger white marquis diamonds - the leaf design goes all the way around with no part really being the front. The only problem is he had it made 3 sizes too big! Fortunately the jeweler was able to size it down for me :)

  • I love how all of these rings are beautiful and unique - no two are alike - and mine is no exception.  My ring has round diamonds in the shape of a flower and I have yet to see anyone else with something that looks like it.  Let's be proud of our "non-traditional" rings, ladies!  Show those babies off! :)  Congrats to everyone!

  • It's a princess cut solitare .53 carat.  White gold tiffany setting.  It is absolutely perfect.  I'm not a big jewerly wear-er...all i wear is my e-ring and the diamond earrings he got me for my birthday two years ago.  He couldn't have done a better job!  And does it ever sparkle!

  • he picked it out but he wanted me to go back with him to make sure I liked it before he bought it.

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    My FI and I chose the 1 ct center stone and setting separately and thank goodness it worked!  I love the sapphires on either side....not something you see everyday.  Now to find a wedding band/enhancer to fit with it! 
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  • www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=13791&id=100000380032228&l=65aa5e7834" target="_blank">My Ring

    This should take you to the page where I have my ring pictures.
    The diamond itself is from his mothers old ring, she had a beautiful set but it just wasn't for me, we took it to a restyle event where a friend of ours works and she already had a setting picked out for us when we went, I tried on others but this one was the first i tried on adn the one i kept coming back to. The two pear cuts around it just draw to it. It catches light from every angle and just looks so different from everyone elses i've seen (at least around my area) Everyone has commented on it, its so huge but its not bulky since my hands are so tiny it looks just perfect! its just slightly under 2 karats.
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        Here's the pictures from the Kay Jewelers site.

    To be quite honest the first time I saw it (the night he proposed) I hated it at least after I had settled down from him asking me. I had wanted some thing vintage looking and it was just too modern. But by the next morning I had fallen in love with it and now I wouldn't trade it for the world.
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    he picked it out himself, with the help of his friend.  It's perfect for me! short fingers go well with smaller bands so he did a great job, couldnt have asked for a better one. It's a 1.26 ct round cut with 2 (we think 1/8 ct) on each side.
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    We got engaged on May 9. He took me to the beach by my parent's house where he knows that I spent a lot of time as a child. I turned my back to pick up a rock to skip across the water and when I turned back my FI was on one knee in the sand asking me to marry him :)

    This is my ring. We went ring shopping together and I picked out a few favourites, but this was my favourite. It is truly my dream ring. The center stone is 1.07 carat, and there 52 diamonds total going down the side of the band.

  • He picked it out (all by himself!) from the promise ring section at Kay's. I love how unique it was - and because it wasn't an "engagement ring," it was much cheaper.
  • He went to the same jeweler that his family has used for years and had this ring made for me. It was really important for him to make sure that they used Canadian non-conflict diamonds. The center stone is a Polar Diamond and has a serial number and polar bear laser inscribed on the side. 

     I love the fact that he did it all on his own - I was very surprised!
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    My FI and I picked out my ring together.  Its nothing like what I thought I wanted, but I love, love, love it.

    He proposed on the ferris wheel in Toys R Us in Times Square, March 3, 2010.

  • We did everything together. Even deciding to get engaged! I was watching some wedding movie, and we started talking about wedding stuff (I snuck in hints every opportunity I got). I told him that I had no idea how much a ring would cost, he asked me what size carat I would want, and when I said I didn't know, he suggested that we could go to the jeweler and look at them! That trip to the store turned into us finding a setting that we didn't want to miss, so we put it on layaway. It was supposed to just be that he was going to pay it off, and start on a diamond, but neither of us could really contain ourselves. As the days went by, I started looking at dresses and venues online, and when he didn't seem to be bothered by it, I just kept doing more. It kind of just turned into "we're engaged". We ended up going back to the store, and picking out a diamond together. We both liked the oval shape, because of how nice it looks with the setting. I love vintage/antique rings with scroll work or filigree. We almost go a smaller one, because once I saw the colorless ones, I HAD to have colorless. Somehow we got really lucky though, and ended up finding a .80 carat, that is colorless. I love it, and him so much. I feel really good about us doing it all together too, because that's a great start to a life of sharing responsibilities.

  • My FMIL pulled me into a jewelry store one day when we were just shopping together at a mall...Helzberg.  She told me that her son was serious about me and since I'd never even LOOKED at engagement rings, I should figure out what I like and don't like.  I found MY PERFECT diamond ring that day and walked away because we were both students and there was no way he could afford that ring.  He bought it the next week (paid in full with savings I didn't know he had!) and proposed 4 months later.  It is a Helzberg Masterpiece 1.36 TW and nearly flawless and colorless (which is unusually remarkable for this piece)!  I love the sparkle and comments I get!
  • He picked it out himself and couldn't have done a better job!!
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    My fiance' and I had been talking about getting engaged on and off and he had wanted ideas of what I would like for my ring. Ultimately he picked it out - and I coiuld not have asked for anything better! It's PERFECT. I cannot stop looking at it! He just asked me to marry him this past Monday :)

    White gold, Princess Cut with micro pave on the side! <3

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  • Mine has a diamond FI bought in the middle, the diamond from the ring from my first husband who passed away on one side, and a diamond from my great grandmother's ring on the other side.

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  • So many beautiful rings!!!

    I knew that my FH was going to propose (he kept mentioning it), so I started looking and then showed him a few of my favorites. There was one particular ring that I kept coming back to - a beautiful filigree setting with pave diamonds down the sides of the shank and around the center stone, with an aquamarine in the middle (although, like most girls, I like diamonds, I wanted something a little more colorful and unique) - it was the perfect blend of modern and antique, and I fell in love with it. So you can imagine my surprise when he slid that exact ring on my finger at dinner one night!

    Here it is, off the Topazery website:

    I love it! I still catch myself staring at it day after day, amazed by how gorgeous it is and how amazing my fiance is :-)

    Now to find a wedding band that fits with it...sigh...
  • My ring is a 1.4 Ct tear drop ring. His mom gave him the diamond from her old wedding ring and he reset it in white gold (knowing I don't like yellow gold). He chose the solitaire setting since I also have trouble wearing flashy jewelry for long periods of time. So basically, he did all the work (with some help from his mom)!Laughing

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  • Hello all,

    I am new, DF proposed at like 3pm today!!!  So excited!!!!  My ring is going to be my wedding ring too, I LOVE it.  Only issue is my pinky finger is quite upset with this new addition!!! TOUGH!!  Laughing

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    It's a 3/4 carat marquis on a twisted white gold band. I absolutely love it. My FH is the greatest!
  • The side view in my favorite way to look at my ring.  Two semi-circles form what is holding the 3 middle diamonds 

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  • I told him I did not want a diamond since I used to work for a diamond store and know that sapphires are far more rare and precious. We live in Japan and he found a jeweler. He did a great job. Photos do not do the deep blue color justice. 3+ karat Kashmir Blue Sapphire with 18 diamonds surrounding it.

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