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Ring Sizing Question

Hi all!

So I know my boyfriend is currently engagement ring shopping and he wants to stay away from big chains (who are super-judgy about the fact that I don't particularly want a traditional diamond). I went to a Zales a number of months ago and they sized me at an 8.5 but I went to Jareds a few weeks ago and to double check I had them size me too and they sized me at a 7.5. Now I'm super worried that he'll get me a 7.5 and it'll be too small! 

Any advice/experience on whether the sizing at Jared's is usually on point or not?


Re: Ring Sizing Question

  • I'd get another opinion. Any jewellery store will be able to measure you. That's a pretty big difference in sizes.

    What time of year was it when you were measured the first time? People fingers have a tendency to swell in the summer with the humidity. My ring is slightly looser in the winter - but not an entire size.
  • It shouldn't be a big deal even if it is off by a size, I think most jewelers will take care of that if they get it wrong.  You might also need to wear it a while and make sure you have a happy median in both hot and cold weather, like pp my ring is looser in the winter too.
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    My ring is from Jared's and found that the size is accurate. My ring finger is a size 4 and they were a little nervous about sizing it that small for the proposal but it fits perfectly. Have you ever worn a ring on your left hand ring finger that you can compare the sizes to? Also, were you sized during different seasons because my ring is defiantly looser in winter than it is over summer but not enough to be a whole size off. I would have Jared's resize your finger or a ring that fits comfortably on that finger.
  • I have my ring from Zales and it's completely accurate. I'd get it sized again to be sure
  • Thanks for the input all. The first time I was sized it was a really hot and humid summer day and most recently it was quite cold and i had been outside for a while. Thanks for the input!!
  • My fiance' and I actually just went to Kay Jewelers this morning to get my ring sized and I was a true six like I have always been.
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