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I am getting married in september. I have ordered my save the dates and was planning on sending them out about6 months before the wedding. My future mother inlaw asked when I wassending them out because she said a lot of people from out of town were asking her so they would know the date to put in for the days to take off of work before the first of the year. Is now december too early to send them out about 910 months

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  • It isn't too early.  I have already sent mine for my October 16, 2013 wedding because I know there will be people all over the world who are coming and some need plenty of time to save up some money to travel.

    So if you want to, go ahead and send them to the far-flung guests.
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    6-9 months is when they should be sent out but they can be sent out up to a year in advance if you have a lot of out of town guests. Since it appears that you do, go ahead and send them out tomorrow if you want.
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  • It is definitely not too early to send them out, especially in your circumstance.
  • It's not too early to send them out.  I agree with one of the PPs though, either send them out now or in very early January, so they don't get lost in the holiday crush.
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