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Has anyone had a crush on a teacher? Maybe a hot TA? Do anything to get that A? (just kidding!)  Tell me your stories! =D

I had a crush on one of my younger profs a few years ago, but it was more of an intellectual crush really. I just loved how into his subject he was (history) and how we could chat about all kinds of history nerd stuff. My FI never wants to hear about the Tudors or anything history related. I mean he listens because he knows it's my thing, but it's not his passion, you know? 

Of course I never acted on this, as it was nothing but a pseudo-crush and he is married, but I must confess I wore more makeup and lower cut shirts to his class. I also worked hard (but history comes naturally to me) and did well on tests/essays. Got A's both semesters I took him. 
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Re: Naughty Naughty

  • I've never had a crush on any of my college professors, but I have on 2 of my high school teachers. 

    I used to text one of them and we talked about acting on it, but it never happened. After I graduated, he wasn't as attractive as he was when he was my teacher though. 

    I knew the other before he was a teacher and thought he was cute but he ended up being a jerk at school.
  • It's hard for me to imagine, because I've never had a teacher, professor, or TA worth having a crush on.  Well, I guess that's not true - my ex-boyfriend was my TA one semester, but we were already dating at the time, and I never would have known he was my TA if we weren't dating, because all he did was grade homework assignments.  DH TA'd a lot in college and grad school, and I'm pretty sure a lot of girls had crushes on him, but I was never that lucky.  I always either had girl TAs or super weird guys.  Not a lot of hotness going around in the sciences, generally.
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  • Never had any crushes myself...but funny story. FFIL is five years older that FMIL. He went to college to be a history teacher and student taught back in his home town. By that time FMIL and FFIL had been dating for several years. FFIL was FMIL's student teacher...for a day, but then she switched out of the class to avoid any issues.
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    Never really had any crushes myself.  Thought a few teachers were attractive but just couldn't imagine having a crush on one.  I do know a girl from my high school who is marrying one of our high school teachers this summer. We are both 5 years out and they didn't even start dating till this past year, but its still interesting how things work out.
  • My Anthropology professor this last semester is amazingly gorgeous. He's very smart too which is a plus! Oh and his TA was cute too :). I also had a pretty cute TA in my Texas Politics class. Wooh.
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