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Rehersal Dinner at Hemmingways

Im having my rehersal dinner at Hemmingways. There will be a lot of people from out of town (with no cars) staying at the Hilton on Pensacola Beach. Is it a far walk for them? (i am planning this out of town) Also, has anyone had their rehersal dinner at hemmingways? Was it good?

Re: Rehersal Dinner at Hemmingways

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    How exciting!

    Hemmingways is wonderful!  Are you going it outdoors or in?  They have a lovely deck on the outside!  It overlooks the beach and feels so relaxing...especially in the warmer months.

    It's just a quick walk across the street from Hilton Garden Inn to Hemmingways.  Your guests will enjoy the walk and the beach atmosphere. 

    Hemmingways serves delcious food.  Your guests will be delighted!

    Recommend the blooming onion appetizer!! :)
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    Great thanks!  We're having it outside on the deck. I guess I'll just tell them exactly how to walk over to hemmingways from the hotel. I would hate for them to walk through all those junky parking lots ...through flounders and the circle K ect... you know what I mean....
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    That's true.  You could do a fun little foot path map for them.  Now there are trolleys that are free, I believe.  I don't know their routes, but you could call the hotel and ask about it. 
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    I'm also doing my rehearsal on the patio at Hemmingways!  I'm also from out of town so I've never laid eyes on it myself but it was recommended by a local friend who said it was really good.  Glad to hear another positive review!  Our guests are staying at the Hampton Inn which according to the map, it looks like it's right across the street from Hemmingways.  The Hilton looked beautiful too but it was just so much more expensive.
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    Oh delicious!! I LOVE hemmingways and tried to get mine there, but I think it was a little out of budget for FILs. Definitely a quick walk from the Hilton!
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