Should I look for a new WC????

So .. I always thought that WC should be the one who gives you advices and at least show that she cares about your wedding.  Lately, I start having doubt about my WC.  We are still going back and forth about the proposal package.  There are nice things about her .. like .. she lets us find our own photographer since we didn't like anyone that she picked for us ... and she's flexible.  The only complaint I have is.. I feel like I constantly have to ask her for info and advice and do my own research on stuff like who can we have for officiant, make up artist, when should I start ordering food, who would take care of the decor, etc ...   It makes me feel like I'm doing everything myself and all she does is to provide me list of vendors for me to choose from.
I guess I always imagine that WC would be the one who reminds me about things that I might have overlooked .. and check in on us once in awhile like she cares.  But I also try to stay on a positive side .. that maybe my wedding is still 6 months away.  That's why she's not doing much yet.  Or is it because we haven't signed a contract since I keep missing what I want to add to the package.  But I told her that we want her to be our WC since April.
So .. what is the real purpose of WC anyway???  Is her job is to just provide the vendors list and help set up the reception space .. then take the cut (15%)?
She usually gets back to me within a day or two .. now it's 3-4.  Am I just worrying too much???  Or should I start looking for a new WC?  How was your experience with your WC during wedding planning period?

Re: Should I look for a new WC????

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    Well... I think they're not important. We did without.

    But, if I were a WC (or any job, really) and someone wanted me to do all the work but hadn't signed a contract, I probably wouldn't put as much effort into them - especially if I was also working with other people who had signed off on me. Have you paid her a deposit?
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    I think WCs generally try harder before you sign than after.  However, if your WC feels they are spending an exorbitant amount of time on you and you still haven't signed, they may want to mitigate their risk.  If you are so sure she's the WC for you, is there a reason you can't sign a contract that includes the opportunity to add / substitute / remove things as you go? I also think 6 months is pretty far out for most of them.  Our WC got much more responsive in the 6-8 week window than before that. 
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    Is she specifically doing "full coverage" wedding coordination? The one we had was just for the "day of". She gave me recommendations for vendors but I did all the work myself - which I liked and it was cheaper. I found all my own vendors, made arrangements and payments and she just coordinated the final day stuff. And we had constant contact but she didn't really kick into full gear until a month before the wedding. 6 months to go still leaves a lot of time to nail things down, which is why she is probably more relaxed. And ditto PP if you haven't officially booked her/given a deposit.



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    I actually offered her a deposit, but she would rather wait until we finalized services that we want to add to the proposal.  I mean .. the reason that we can't finalize the proposal so I can sign the contract is because I sometimes overlook things like .. oh I miss a boutique for my flower girl... please add that.

     We can get the proposal done faster if she were to say something like .. oh .. you are missing this and this .. would you like to add that?

    So .. she actually didn't do any work for me yet except just sending me a few proposals.  She hasn't done any booking for me either, I booked the venue myself.  Every email, it was just more like .. sure .. I can add this for you.  I guess I'm just freaking out a bit and just have high expectation in what WC will do for me in early stage of planning .. like .. giving good advice and recommendations.  I mean ..  if she doesn't really offer any advices now .. will she do it later once I signed the contract ...  that's what I'm worried about.

    But as Tanq said .. I guess 6 months is still pretty far out.  Smile   I guess I'm just panick Surprised
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    Firstly, go with your gut feeling and secondly book a WC that will provide the kind of service you are seeking.  Personally I do not think 6 months out is that long of a time frame...vendors need to be picked so you can get your preferred ones. I booked my WC in Sept. 2009. Personally i would look at other WCs...I can recommend a few to you if you like...just PM me. If you do PM please let me know as i do not check it. J. :-)
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    We are doing without one.

    On Maui, some items are done 12 months in advance. 

    How did you find her?  If you have not given her a deposit and do not have a contract, I find this strange.

    Since you are doing the work yourself, and she is stressing you out, do you need her?

    Hope this work out :)

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    I think the coordinator and you have different ideas.  It sounds like you would like someone to craft your vision and help guide your wedding - giving you creative ideas.  I have a coordinator like the one you mentioned and I love it - I love her giving me a list of people she knows are good and then let's me choose it.  I did not want someone to plan my wedding for me, but rather to help me get hooked up with great vendors, and mainly to make sure everyone shows up on time and does what they are supposed to do. 
    Speak with your coordinator and talk about what you expect from her and go from there.  And yes, I think some of her hesitation may have to do with the fact that you haven't signed a contract.  But, just to give you an idea, I'm 2 months out and I am just now having regular contact with my coordinator about details.  The vendors I picked out early, early on because I knew who I wanted.  Up until now, we talked periodically but nothing super often. 

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    What you're getting doesn't sound like full-service coordination.  In fact, it sounds like less than what I got from my day-of coordinator (only $2k for all of her help).  At 6mos out, in my opinion, your coordinator should be pushing/working with you to book all of your vendors.

    I'd recommend voicing your fears to your coordinator, and if you don't get a satisfactory response, change.

    Good luck.

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    Should you look for a new WC depends on whether you want to start the whole research process over again.  

    We hired a full service planner which was by far the best investment we made as we both work long hours and didn't have time to work on planning.  She guided us every step of the way and assisted in getting all of our vendor contracts for us.  In the end she saved us both time and money.

    Our WC also had some "lower" packages that were available for day-of with a few hours of consulting, and other packages that had more time devoted to consulting, event design and the number of hours on the wedding day.

    It was clear on her website theat consulting services did not start until they were secured, so I am guessing since you have not put down a deposit yours is not ready to work for you yet.  

    Good luck!
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